Isabel Mader

Isabel Mader
Title: Freelance Writer
Education: Emerson College, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Isabel Mader is a freelance writer, editor, and professional with ten years of experience in the field. She joined the Instyle team this year and uses her love of high-quality beauty and home products and her appreciation of practical fashion to write for the commerce department.


  • Research writer for Honey Bunny Multimedia Company.
  • Published poet (Chatsworth Press, Menacing Hedge, Clockhouse Literary Magazine, Slipstream Press, Blast Furnace, and others).
  • Food journalist and restaurant reviewer for Simmer Magazine.


Isabel has been a writing and literature tutor and teacher since age nineteen. Most recently, she was the English, writing, and literature teacher for Longview School, a private school of democratic education in Brewster, New York. She has also been consistently freelancing for the better part of a decade. With the now defunct but always fabulous Simmer Magazine, she published food journalism and restaurant reviews of Boston's Chinatown neighborhood. Isabel worked with Honey Bunny Multimedia Company as a research writer for historical non-fiction. She became a parent in 2019 and her two very-active children allow her to effectively test how practical fashion can really be, on the playground and elsewhere.


She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BFA in Writing Literature and Publishing from Emerson College.

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