InStyle Welcomed Editor-in-Chief Sally Holmes With a Night of Selfies and Celebration

Raise a glass and strike a pose.

InStyle Dinner - Dove Cameron, Sarah Hyland, Quinta Brunson, Alexandra Shipp

Flo Ngala for InStyle

It's safe to say fun was had last night at the InStyle party at the San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles, celebrating new Editor-in-Chief Sally Holmes and May cover star Quinta Brunson with some of our favorite (and super fangirled) people.

Guests were invited to bring a plus-one who inspires them, spanning stylists, agents, cast mates, and family members. And not to brag, but Bridgerton queen India Amarteifio brought Isabella Pappas, who said it was the most fun she's had since coming to L.A. for work. We'll definitely take that compliment, but have to give credit to the room — including Jenna Dewan for tearing up the dance floor and Tracee Ellis Ross for fielding more selfie requests than a high schooler at prom. 

Longchamp sent all the guests home with Kelly Green Épure bucket bags filled with Citizen Eco-Drive watches and Sephora faves Dr. Barbara Sturm Eye Cream and Shani Darden Exfoliating Serum. A fashion industry secret is that stars sometimes are sooner to leave their gift bag than they are to tote it with them to their next appearance that night. Not a soul forgot to take theirs — and the few that did realized quickly turned around and came back for them.  

The fete was photographed by Flo Ngala, the first Black woman to shoot the Met Gala, but unofficially, guest took cameras into their own hands, literally, snapping Polaroids of each other for some cute candid shots that were instantly photo-wall worthy.

Scroll through to relive the night. 

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Tracee Ellis Ross and Sally Holmes

InStyle Dinner - Tracee Ellis Ross, Sally Holmes

Flo Ngala for InStyle

That red lip, classic thing that you like — you know where we're going with this one.

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Quinta Brunson and Tracee Ellis Ross

InStyle Dinner - Quinta Brunson, Tracee Ellis Ross

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Past and present InStyle cover girls got to stick together. Manifesting a Tracee Ellis Ross cameo on Abbott Elementary. 

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Amanda Lim and Jasmin Savoy Brown

InStyle Dinner - Amanda Lim, Jasmin Savoy Brown

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Yellowjackets's Jasmin Savoy Brown stepped out as the first person to wear runway pieces from Acne Studios Fall 2023 collection, styled by her BFF Amanda Lim (appearing here in Mugler).

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Paris Jackson

InStyle Dinner - Paris Jackson

Flo Ngala for InStyle

We don't like to pick favorites, but Paris Jackson brought the cutest date of the night.

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India Amarteifio and Isabella Pappas

InStyle Dinner - India Amarteifio, Isabella Pappas

Flo Ngala for InStyle

One queen in Stella McCartney and one queen in Mugler — our kingdom is eternally blessed. Hollywood, watch the throne, because these newcomers are coming for the crown.

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Catharine Daddario and Alexandra Daddario

InStyle Dinner - Catherine Daddario, Alexandra Daddario

Flo Ngala for InStyle

The family that slays together, stays together. The cutest detail: Alexandra's skirt is from her mom's closet from the '80s.

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Sally Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes

InStyle Dinner - Sally Holmes Elizabeth Holmes

Flo Ngala for InStyle

InStyle's celebration was a different kind of a royal affair for Elizabeth Holmes (no, not that one), author of the best-selling book, HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style.

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Dove Cameron, Sarah Hyland, Paris Jackson, and Alexandra Shipp

InStyle Dinner - Dove Cameron, Sarah Hyland, Paris Jackson, Alexandra Shipp

Flo Ngala for InStyle

To quote Alexandra Shipp's Instagram caption about last night: "women are so f🌀cking wonderful." 

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Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney

InStyle Dinner - Madison Bailey, Mariah Linney

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Purple gowns were trending last night, and Madison Bailey's paisley Versace look is Prince-meets-Donatella-meets-perfection. So kind of Bailey and Mariah Linney to let InStyle crash their date night.

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Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

Flo Ngala

Legend has it that Jenna Dewan is still out there dancing at the InStyle party to this day.  

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Ronald Gladden

InStyle Dinner - Ronald Gladden

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Your internet crush Ronald Gladden was present and guilty of looking incredibly adorable, styled by InStyle's Danielle Fox and Jenna Brillhart in this Brooks Brothers jacket and silk shirt from the L.A.-based sustainable luxury brand Rabôt.

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Storm Reid and Robyn Simpson

InStyle Dinner - Storm Reid, Robyn Simpson

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Storm Reid and mom Robyn Simpson could not have shined any brighter.

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Tefi Pessoa

InStyle Dinner - Tefi

Flo Ngala for InStyle

The internet’s big sister and InStyle OG bestie came out to celebrate our next chapter and the reveal of her new #Bronde hair color. More to see on InStyle's TikTok, natch.

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Sephora Touch-Up Station

Sephora bar cart

Flo Ngala

Because we take our glam very seriously 'round these parts. Tracee Ellis Ross even filmed a quick Pattern Beauty promo video, because we also take our business very seriously 'round here.

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Bryon Javar, Quinta Brunson, and Tracee Ellis Ross

InStyle Dinner - Bryon Javar, Quinta Brunson, Tracee Ellis Ross

Flo Ngala for InStyle

Two powerhouse women and 'The It Boy' Byron Javar, who styled Quinta for the New & Next issue.

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Ronald Gladden and Jasmin Savoy Brown

InStyle Dinner - Ronald Gladden Jasmin Savoy Brown


Polaroid supplied us with a fleet of instant film captures and stars put their artistic talents (and their photogenicity) to use. Would trust these two with my life after a plane crash in the remote wilderness.

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Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater, and Shani Darden

InStyle Dinner - Lily Rabe Hamish Linklater Shani Darden


For extra flair, Sephora gifted lip liners for stars to adorn their art.

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Quinta Brunson and Isabella Pappas

InStyle Dinner - Quinta Brunson Isabella Pappas


New best friends.

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Sarah Hyland and Quinta Brunson

InStyle Dinner - Sarah Hyland Quinta Brunson


So much funny in one room!

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Bryon Javar and Quinta Brunson

InStyle Dinner - Bryon Javar Quinta Brunson


Putting this image in a scrapbook, STAT.

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Bryon Javar and Quinta Brunson

InStyle Dinner - Bryon Javar Quinta Brunson


Yup, this too.

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Bryon Javar and Kristin Davis

InStyle Dinner - Bryon Javar Kristin Davis


We asked Javar to tell us what he'd style Kristin Davis in for And Just Like That ... season 2, and his answer (or her resulting delight) did not disappoint.

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Madison Bailey

InStyle Dinner - Madison Bailey


A slay in action.

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Sally Holmes

InStyle Dinner - Sally Holmes


Squash pomodoro and New York strip steak were on the menu for the evening, but a glittery taco purse (from J. Crew's kid section) was on our editor in chief's fashion plate.

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The Daddario Sisters

InStyle Dinner - Alexandra Daddario Catherine Daddario


See you next time. xx

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