Generation v. generation
Instagram Study - Lead
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There are likely a lot of things you do differently than your mom, and if she has treaded into social media, there’s the chance you've noticed your posting differences. Maybe you've noticed your adult family members posting several pics in a row, while your BFF still hasn't updated her profile since that lipstick post last Tuesday.

But here’s the thing—science says there are small nuances that help us detect a person’s age by their Instagram account.

A study released by Pennsylvania State found that teens reply to comments speedily (usually within 7.2 minutes), whereas adults have a response time of about 30 minutes. Teens also apparently post less but like and comment a lot more.

In an interview with The Atlantic, study co-author Dongwon Lee said, “Teens want to very popular so they’re very conscious of the like they’re getting.”

Perhaps overkill on posts would lead to less likes? Or teens are deleting posts that just don’t draw in the comments they were hoping for? So many possibilities! And they say you can’t really get to know a person via social media. Pffffff—crazy talk.