Guest-blogger Indie Lee gives us the scoop on her skin care line, plus how she puts an end to acne with natural products.

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 20, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
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Art by Elysia

No one wants to deal with breakouts. That's more than a safe assumption. It’s a beauty prob we’re determined to tackle, but how does one approach it when they’re trying to keep all (or most) of the products in their bathroom cabinet natural?

Indie Lee, founder of the self-named natural brand, Indie Lee, and one of MIMI's April guest-bloggers, has a few personal tips. Read on to learn more about her skin scare story, what she does when she spots a pimple, plus the dish on the acne products in her line.

On spot treatment saviors...

While Indie swears by her Blemish Stick ($28;, she also has another DIY version to stop a pimple in its tracks. Honey. Yes, they stuff you probs put in your tea. She uses Manukah Honey as a spot treatment and then follows it up with an ice cube. “The ice brings down the swelling and manukah honey has incredible anti-bacterial properties,” she tells us of her routine.

On natural oils and acne...

Haven't we all had this Q about using oils and acne? Bets are, yes. So when we asked Indie what she does, she had an interesting answer. "Choose a natural oil that is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) like jojoba or squalane. My personal go to oil is squalane — it has transformed my skin. Our bodies produce squalane naturally, but production dramatically diminishes in your mid 20s. It works with all skin types, moisturizes without an odor or oily residue. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant, and it has the unique ability help balance your skin’s oil production," she says.

On spring beauty rules for clear skin...

When we asked Indie what beauty rules she lives by to make sure her skin is healthy going into spring, she spilled quite a few secrets. Apart from watching what she eats and keeping an eye on the labels of her products (less ingredients = more for Indie), she tells us she cleans out her makeup bag. "For me the change in seasons is a great time to asses the products you have been using and clean out your makeup bag," she says. "You wouldn’t want to eat a 12 month old lettuce, so why would you slather it on your face? Consider it the perfect excuse for makeup shopping."

On how she's tackled her own acne...

According to Indie, she suffered from cystic acne into her 30s, which was one of the very reasons she decided to launch clear-skin products in her line. "I only use our products when it comes to my facial regimen. Every week, I do spa day Sunday and use our clearing mask. However, the biggest game-changer for my skin has been using squalane oil as my moisturizer. I haven’t worn foundation in 5 years," she says.

Well, in that case, we might have to try her tips.