By Sydney Mondry
Dec 07, 2015 @ 6:00 pm
Photos courtesy of Teavana, Albert Cheung

The classic bourbon-based Mint Julep cocktail is a Southern summertime staple. Jane Danger, the celebrated bartender at N.Y.C-.based Cuban hotspot Cienfuegos, set out to winterize the popular thirst-quencher by transforming it into a tea-based beverage. “Juleps are a Southern specialty you would normally associate with sitting on a porch swing sipping leisurely on a summer's eve,” says Danger.

“The same idea is in place with the Winter Julep. I used Branca Menta, a peppermint-flavored liqueur, to pull forward the mint notes, a bit of extra dark rum to round out the white chocolate and heighten the coconut flavor, and a dash of rock sugar syrup for sweetness and body.” This elevated Julep is perfect for sipping around the fireplace or imbibing at New Year’s Day brunch. Try the recipe below!

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2 oz white chocolate peppermint-infused Bourbon

12 oz bourbon to 1 oz of white chocolate peppermint tea ($10;

¼ oz Branca Menta ($28;

¼ oz Belgian rock sugar simple syrup ($9;

8 oz hot water to 8 oz sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved

¼ oz Blackstrap rum ($19;

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1. Steep the tea for 20 minutes and then fine strain.

2. Build in a julep tin or large rocks glass.

3. Add crushed ice, and swizzle (mix) with a bar spoon.

4. Top to a mound with crushed ice.

5. Garnish with a straw and large mint bouquet.