By Priya Rao
Updated Nov 13, 2015 @ 2:45 pm
Spanx On a Date - Lead
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Recently, our InStyle editors had a conversation that revolved around all things Spanx—how to wear them, what to look for, etc—which prompted a post on the matter.

But the most perplexing topic that went around the room was: "What to do if you're wearing shapewear on a date, but don’t plan on going home alone?" Our resident expert suggested the following for the Bridget Jones-style conundrum: "Honestly, if you are wearing a shaper short, I would go to the bathroom at the bar or restaurant you are at and take them off. There is nothing sexy about unflattering undergarments, so put them in your bag or throw them out." Read on for more answers to all of your shapewear problems.