By Kim Peiffer
May 03, 2016 @ 4:30 pm

When Jessica Alba hits the beach, the world comes to a halt—because she looks that good in a bikini. How does the actress and momtrepreneur do it? She's got great genes, serious workout ethic, healthy eating habits, and celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza to thank for her enviable physique.

With a background as a competitive gymnast and NFL cheerleader, Braganza works with Alba as well as a host of others of Hollywood hot bodies. “To me getting fit isn’t rocket science, and anyone can do it. Time management is key as is motivation," she says. In the video above, Braganza shows me a move she does on Alba using a simple item you probably already have around the house. Which means there's really no excuses to neglect your abs another day. Bikini season is quickly creeping up, after all.