How to Master Trending Makeup Techniques: Sunstriping

Makeup Techniques - Sunstriping - LEAD
Photo: Serena Becker

Nothing compares to a radiant complexion that’s the souvenir of tropical getaway or post-workout session. If you don’t have any vacations lined up and are without a gym membership, there’s a new way to fake a sun-kissed glow: Sunstriping.

Consider this makeup technique the happy medium between bronzing and contouring. “Contouring is such a long process, and I thought, how can you enhance your features and get that healthy glow, but literally do with a swipe of a brush?” says London makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon who created the method. This technique will ensure your skin gets a believable glow, plus a little lift in the cheekbone department.

First, dip a foundation brush in some bronzer, then place it on your temple. Sweep the brush across the top of your cheekbone, over the bridge of your nose, across the other cheek and up to the opposite temple. For a subtler effect, Potter-Dixon recommends using a large, fluffy brush because it won’t deposit too much product or leave lines of demarcation. As for the bronzer you’ll swipe on, stick with a matte formula because a shimmery one won’t give you a natural look.

Regardless of how strong you make your stipe, it’s important to tap off the excess product off of your brush before applying the bronzer so you’re getting rid of the extra powder. This will ensure that your bronzer goes on even, says Potter-Dixon. Here’s to a glowing complexion regardless if you’ve racked up any Air Miles to get it.

Photo by Serena Becker/AK/Kruse; hair: Nathan Rosenkranz/Alterna Haircare/Honey Artists; makeup: Lisa Garza/The Wall Group; manicure: Yuko Wada/Dior Vernis/Atelier Management; model: Alyona Subbotina/Trump Models.

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