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No matter where you live, by mid-summer your makeup has probably reached its melting point. But good news: There's hope for keeping eye liner and eye shadow smudge-free, even in the heat. We asked celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin how to tailor your eye makeup to high temps.

First thing's first: Keep it soft. "The natural moisture in your skin tends to break up anything on top of it," Martin says, an effect that's exaggerated in the summer because you're dealing with more perspiration. "A common mistake people make is layering too much product." When it comes to eye shadow, Martin says, powder is your best bet because it's less prone to bleeding. If you do choose a cream formula, lightly dust a powder shadow in the same shade on top to lock the color in place.

Eye shadow primer is also helpful—if you time it right, says Martin. After applying a primer, like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($22; sephora.com), wait for it to dry completely before putting on makeup. "Add this step as part of your skincare ritual after moisturizer or face primer," he says. "This way you don't forget, and by the time you're ready for color, it'll already have dried."

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If you don't have a primer on hand, a few hacks will help keep your eye makeup from creasing and forming fine lines. Martin suggests pressing a bit of loose powder onto your lids before applying color, which helps to absorb the shadow. Another method is to dab concealer onto your lids, add a thin layer of powder, and then brush on your shadow.

If all else fails and you see creased eye makeup staring back at you in the bathroom mirror, try one of these quick fixes: Use your finger to blend out the creases and apply another thin layer of shadow. Or, if you spot any smudging around the outer corners of the eyes, buff with concealer.