Michelle Phan
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It's been nearly nine years since YouTube vlogger turned multi-hyphenate beauty maven Michelle Phan first flashed across our computer screens. With her jaw-dropping makeup transformations and skin care tutorials that have garnered over one billion views, Phan was a pioneer in digital beauty content. She's even gone on to create a product line, a curated beauty subscription service, and a lifestyle network where beauty lovers from around the world can watch videos created by Phan and her team of witty, talented beauty and health professionals. Basically, Phan is the Beyoncé of beauty influencers.

In honor of the mogul's 29th birthday today, we've rounded up the most popular beauty videos posted across her many platforms to date.

Her First Video

We'd bet that when Phan posted her debut video in 2007, she never imagined that it would eventually rack up over 11 million views. Today, this natural makeup tutorial has over 30,000 likes, 10,000 comments, and still holds a spot in the top 10 of her most popular videos over on her personal YouTube channel.

Her Most Popular

With over 64 million views, Phan's Barbie Transformation Tutorial stands as the star's most popular video to date. And get this—she recreated the iconic Barbie doll look mirror-free! Now that takes skill.

Her Most Memorable

Anyone who didn't know Phan by name back in 2010 likely knew her as the girl who introduced the beauty world to circle lenses in her recreation of Lady Gaga's look in her "Bad Romance" video. The contact lenses made popular in Korea were used with the help of a little computer generation and a lot of white eyeliner on her waterline to create Gaga's wide-eyed look. See how, here.

Her Top Beauty Hack

Over on the YouTube channel for Ipsy, Phan's subscription service that allows shoppers to sign up for monthly beauty products delivered directly to their doors, lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter shares ways to get a celeb-worthy look in minutes. Guess we're not the only lazy girls out there always seeking a super simple look—this video has racked up nearly 85,000 views and takes the top spot on Ipsy's channel.

Her Billion Views Milestone

When Phan hit one billion views on her YouTube channel, her fans naturally wanted to show their support. Phan took to ICON, the lifestyle network where she and a team of beauty influencers post new and inspiring video series weekly, with a compilation of her followers congratulating the milestone.

Her Fitness Fave

Phan's success isn't limited to the U.S. The beauty superstar has even launched ICON UK, where she and some of Great Britain's biggest lifestyle pros share videos on beauty, health, and fitness to inspire you to be the most beautiful version of yourself—inside and out. Dancer Danielle Peazer's workouts are wildly popular, including this ab-toning hip hop dance exercise that's been viewed over 1 million times in the past year.