Kim Kardashian's Gold Eyes and Barely There Lip
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you think you can score fluffy eyelashes like Kim Kardashian with one faux strip, think again. In order to score major volume without a weighed down look, you’ll need to step up your game and learn how to stack on the falsies like a pro. Not only did one of the Kardashian's talented makeup artists, Patrick Ta, share insider tips to creating an enviable flutter, Lady Gaga's expert, Sarah Tanno, also divulged her secrets, along with the international beauty blogger and entrepreneur Huda Kattan. After following these tips from the experts you’ll be batting your flirty layered lashes in no time.

Before piling random strips on top of each other you'll need a good combination of lashes that complement each other. Ta revealed, "When stacking lashes, I use two different styles. I apply the shorter ones on the bottom and the longer lashes on top so you can really see the dimension." After you've chosen the perfect falsies for the whatever look you are going for Ta says, "I would stick the lashes together first then apply them to the lash line for easy application." The Los Angeles-based pro likes to stack Ardell individuals ($5; in medium and long lengths over Ardell Wispies ($4;

As for the type of adhesive that works best, each makeup pro has their favorites. Ta prefers Duo Eyelash Adhesive ($9; in black for dramatic looks and white for natural eyes. Tanno sticks with Lus Eye Liquid Glue ($6; for its fast drying formula and handy brush applicator. Kattan created her own custom paste and told InStyle, "I wanted one that was fast drying, lasted through a sappy movie (and lots of tears), and would stay in place!" Huda Beauty Waterproof Lash Glue ($18; solved her problem. She went on to admit, "You have to use a little makeup remover to take your lashes off, but I love it."

When Tanno adds strips to her celebrity clients' lashes she says, "I apply a thin layer of glue and let it dry for about 20 seconds before applying the strip. Letting the glue become tacky first will help the lash to adhere right away to avoid one side always popping up. Then I get as close to the base of the lash line as possible." Extra tools are also helpful. "I prefer tweezers if I am working with individuals, but I'll use my fingers when using strip lashes."

Go ahead and test out the expert tips with your favorite combination of falsies. With a little practice and the right products, before you know it, your selfies will rival even Kim's glamorous pics.