By Claire Stern
Updated Dec 29, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
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Just when you thought your holiday entertaining duties had come to an end, New Year's Eve comes out of nowhere and demands that you be prepared with something homemade and party-friendly. In case you're hard-pressed for time (or, let's face it, just burnt out from a week's worth of cooking for an endless stream of houseguests), we recommend making something that requires minimal effort and begets maximum satisfaction. With just five ingredients (not to mention a handy shortcut), these brioche toast rounds with caviar are your answer. "Caviar makes any hors d'oeuvre feel decadent," says The Line founder Vanessa Traina. Below, the recipe that garnered accolades all night long.

Pointy Snout Caviar with Sonnier & Castle Brioche Toast Rounds

Chef's Note: If you don't have time to make the brioche toast rounds, store-bought blinis ($8; are a good alternative.


One loaf of good quality unsliced brioche or egg bread

Pointy Snout White Sturgeon Caviar Avancé ($65;

Crème fraîche


Unsalted butter


1. Cut the bread into 1/4-inch slices then use a 1-inch cookie cutter to punch out the rounds.

2. Butter each side sparingly with softened butter then arrange flat in a single layer on a heavy gage baking pan or sheet pan. Toast in a 350 °F oven until golden brown on both sides.

3. Let cool completely before storing. (Toast rounds keep well in a sealed tin or canister for up to a week.)

4. Serve with White Sturgeon Caviar Avancé, a dollop of tangy, cultured crème fraîche and garnish with micro-greens by itself or on a bone spoon.