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Julianne Hough Top Knot
Credit: chadwoodhair/Instagram

Dance moves aside, the reason we tune into Dancing With the Stars every week is to admire Julianne Hough’s epically pretty hairstyles. From loose waves to tiara adorned updos, we’ve never seen a style on Hough we haven’t liked, but we’re head-over-heels with the braided top knot the judge wore on this week’s show.

Celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood pulled the inspiration for the style from where else, but the fashion week runways. “My inspiration was from looks I had pulled from a couple of Paris runway looks that I made my own. I wanted something different and fresh that nobody would expect, whilst still polished and clean,” Wood said of the top knot.

To create Hough’s flip tail braid, Wood blow-dried her hair away from the face and ran Alterna Haircare Caviar Style Luxe Shape Versatile Crème Gel ($28; ulta.com), a cream gel that holds hair without sacrificing movement. Next, he grabbed his trusty Mason Pearson Brush ($230; nordstrom.com) and pulled Hough’s hair into a high, tight pony, securing it with an “S” hook elastic at the base.

Once the pony was set, Wood braided the tail and spritzed it with IGK Intern Flexible Hold Hairspray ($29; sephora.com) to hold the plait in place. After the braid was done, he flipped it up towards Hough’s face and circled the end back, almost creating a loop, and secured it with bobby pins.

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While the top knot was no doubt stunning, amped up the style even further by placing Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel’s Thick Plank Barrette ($18; chloeandisabel.com) as an accent. He finished the look with another healthy spritz of the IGK Hairspray to ensure the updo would hold up throughout the night.