How to Upgrade Your Hair Color for Fall

Fall Hair Color Lead
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After sweating out the summer with a hair that’s dry and faded from the sun and chlorine, we say: Bring on fall. Along with doing some damage control by conditioning and moisturizing your strands with a mask for colored hair such as Davines Minu Hair Mask ($35;, celebrity hairstylist Matt Rez who works with Margot Robbie, also recommends a subtle color change to give your dull end-of-summer shade a much-needed refresh for fall. Hint: It’s all about warming up what you’re working with. “Adding depth to your color gives hair a chance to rest after the summer, especially if you have highlighted hair,” says Rez. Here, we have his suggestions on how every hair color can upgrade their current shade to welcome the fall season.


Whether you’re a bottled blonde or au natural, fall is all about adding dimension to your shade that’s probably flat or discolored after too much time in the water during summer’s killer heatwaves. “Adding dimension back into your blonde via rooting or lowlights allows you to keep the ombre and sunkissed effect, but brings depth back into the color for the appearance of healthier hair,” explains Rez.

If you’re a very light blonde like Margot, Rez suggests adding in champagne or gold tones into your color. For flaxen shades, he recommends pulling some strawberry blonde into your hair to warm it up. As for medium blondes, face-framing baby blonde highlights around the face, and warmer lowlights off of the face, are just the update you’re looking for.


For brunettes, when it comes to updating your color, Rez stresses the importance of knowing your skin’s undertone and which shades will work best to compliment your complexion. If warmer tones work best for you, add in cinnamon accents. For cooler tones, caramelized shades around the roots would be a flattering touch.


No two red shades are alike. If you have orange-toned red hair, Rez suggests enhancing your natural color this fall by adding in more orange undertones to really bring out your true color. As for pink undertone redheads, Rez says to play up the pink too since fall is this shade’s season to really shine.

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