These Are the Safest Heels to Wear in the Winter

Winter Heels
Photo: Getty Images

Precariously high heels seem even more so during the winter when there are patches of ice and gargantuan snow banks to overcome. But as we know, the fashion set is a resilient bunch. Nothing can deter us from completing an Insta-worthy street-style ensemble without a nice model-esque lift, because what's a little ice, right? Well, evidently, a lot. We turned to Dr. Emily Splichal, podiatrist and human movement specialist, to give it to us straight: Should you wear heels in the winter?

"No," she firmly says. "When you're in heels, there's a shift in your sense of gravity. Your balance is already off, so if there's ice or snow, you could slip and really hurt yourself. Walking on ice is hard enough as it is with flats, it becomes harder in heels."

But don't worry—you don't have to abandon heels altogether at the first sign of troublesome weather. Splichal says that if we absolutely must wear heels, she'd recommend a snow boot with a wedged heel built in: "You need grip and stability. Find a pair that's flat across the bottom (like a flatform) and that has an anti-slip rubber sole."

Block heels seem safe, though, we insist. "I would just make sure they have a rubber sole," Splichal says. "And I wouldn't go higher than two inches."

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