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Round Brush
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Sure, you could get an entirely new haircut in order to make your fine hair look fuller, but you could also just up your hairbrush game. The round brush, as intimidating in architecture as it may be, is the tool that can totally transform how dense your hair looks. But learning how to do an at-home blowout is no easy task, so we chatted with some pros to find out exactly how to handle a round brush, what products we should pair with it, and even more tips that’ll trick the world into thinking you have thicker hair.


The first step, according to Garren, a celebrity stylist and the co-founder of R+Co, is to wash and condition your hair with volumizing products that also won’t weigh down your hair, like DALLAS Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner ($24/$25; bloomingdales.com).

Next, apply styling products like thickening sprays or lightweight volume mousses, and distribute the product in your wet hair using a flat brush. To boost the body even more, Garren suggests using JACKPOT Styling Crème ($25; nordstrom.com) at the roots.

Then, you rough dry. "Flip your head upside down and toss dry your hair with the blow dryer loosely aiming from the roots to the ends in order to make the hair stand up from the scalp to deliver maximum volume," notes Garren. "Once hair is 75 percent dry, flip the hair back into its natural style state, whether that’s a center or side part and comb through with a large tooth comb dense brush to see the volume you’ve created."

The next step is to section off your hair in large sections at the crown, rolling them around your fingers like they were being wrapped around a roller. "Control and clip your hair at the ends and keep your hair at the roots straight up."

Starting at the nape of the neck, Garren says to take a round brush and run your hair through it with the blow dryer. "Dry the rest of the hair from mid-length to ends, leaving the root as is," he says.

Using the Round Brush

After you’ve rough-dried your hair, it’s key to section off your hair. Now it’s time to break out the round brush. The size you choose depends greatly on the length of your hair. Someone with shorter hair might use a brush like the R+Co Round Brush 2 ($80; randco.com), while someone with longer hair might reach for a larger barrel, like the RAINCRY Smooth 2.0 Brush ($70; nordstrom.com).

This is where most people get tripped up, and it can be kind of confusing. Feisal Qureshi, the creative director for RAINCRY Brushes, suggests inserting a round brush under the section and pulling upwards away from your shoulders "Be sure to dry the root area thoroughly before moving on," he says. "Once the root area is completely dry, continue to slide the brush slowly and steadily towards the ends until dry. For additional volume and definition, twirl ends with the round brush."

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Set the Look

No matter your technique, it’s important to let the sections cool before adding in product or tossing your hair around. When you’re done drying each section, Garren says he runs a large dense brush through the hair to push the style into place. "For more fullness flip your hair upside down and use the new SKYLINE Dry Shampoo Powder ($36; bluemercury.com) and complete the look by applying TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray ($29; nordstrom.com) to give hair separation and volume," he suggests.

Overall, to keep your hair as voluminous as possible, avoid heavy oils and pastes.