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Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Swimsuit Care - Lead
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The struggle is real when it comes to searching for the right swimsuit. For us at least, the threat of having to endure another round of painful suit-searching is enough to take care of our beloved one- and two-pieces. And since the swimsuit is probably the hardest working piece in a summer wardrobe, what with it being exposed to sand, sun, and other harsh elements, we turned to the pros for quality advice on how to make it last longer than a single season. Swim designer and editor-favorite Malia Mills gave us the lowdown with easy-to-remember and key do's and don'ts essential to top-notch swimwear care.

Do pre-treat oil-based stains to prevent buildup and yellowing.

Do hand-wash your suit in cold water after wear.

Do use mild soap to wash your suit.

Do let your suit dry on a flat surface in the shade.

Do alternate your suits so they have time to snap back into shape.

And whatever you do, don't do the following (they're kryptonite for your suit):

Don't wring your suit—it can stress the fabric. Instead, roll your suit in a dry towel, gently press to remove excess water, and air dry.

Don't throw it into the washer or dryer. The machines are too aggressive and can damage the fabric.

Don't use bleach.

Don't dry it in the sun or the fabric will fade.

Don't wear your favorite in a hot tub—the heat and chlorine will destroy the fabric.