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Feb 18, 2017 @ 8:15 am
Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

A month and a half into 2017 and your efforts to fulfill your new year’s resolution of eating healthier might be waning. But don’t lose hope, Laurel & Wolf has you covered! With guidance from nutritionist Kristie Moore, Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop used products from Bed Bath & Beyond to achieve the ultimate pantry makeover. Read on for tips to redesign your own pantry that will also redesign your waistline!

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

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Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Kristie says that “Focusing on one or two nutrition goals like eating breakfast every day, including more fruits and vegetables, or preparing more meals at home,” are small ways to make big strides toward your health goals.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

Eating right can be hard, so make finding your healthy foods easy. Organize your pantry with your most nutritious foods grouped together and placed front and center on your shelves. This will make them easier to find when cooking. Kristie says “If your kitchen is organized and you can visually see what you have, you are more likely to use it.” So store grains in designated areas at eye-level and in labelled clear containers. These will look orderly and help save space.

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Shed some light on your new healthy lifestyle with pendant lighting for walk-in pantries and strip lights or puck lights for under cabinets. If you can’t even see your kale chips you definitely won’t find yourself eating them.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

Treat your inner-junk-food-junkie like a child you have to hide the cookie jar from. Place your cheat foods in opaque containers on the highest shelf of your pantry so you’re less inclined to sneak handfuls of chips every time you walk by.

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