By InStyle Staff
May 22, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
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When it comes to our routines, there are some things that can go awry (especially when coffee has yet to kick in!). For instance, how many of us have found a pesky white streak of deodorant across our shirt after putting it on in the morning? In an attempt to help you overcome these deodorant dramas, we turned to Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, the Co-Founders of The Laundress, for their tips and tricks to getting out these stubborn stains.

Pre-treat the stained area before washing. “When treating cotton, linen, or durable synthetics apply The Laundress Stain Solution directly to the area and work into the fabric with your finger or The Laundress Stain Brush, then launder as normal,” advises Whiting. When a stain is extra tough, “pre-treat and soak the item in a bath of hot water for up to thirty minutes," says Boyd. "For added cleaning power, put the affected area under the faucet set to its highest pressure and let the water work the stain. If the stain is not completely gone, you may need to repeat this process, then launder as normal.”

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Always handle delicate fabrics differently. With wools and cashmeres, “pre-treat and soak like normal, but use tepid water," says Whiting. Then, handwash and rinse.

When you're on the go, don't use water. If you are in a hurry, a deodorant removing sponge works without water and is small enough to keep in your bag—they are also great for quick touch ups during the day. Another option, “is to take the inside fabric of your top and rub the marked area on the outside to remove the residue from the exterior to the interior," says Boyd, "It works brilliantly in a pinch!” 

In the future, pay attention to what kind of deodorant you use. “Use a clear deodorant or spray with little to no aluminum. Aluminum causes yellowing and marks.”