By InStyle Staff
Updated Feb 10, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
Jessia Alba
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

No matter your body type—hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle or the like—or trends, there are certain pieces that are more flattering than others. It's a fact that applies to skirts as well. So before you slip on just any skirt, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, The Great designers and stylists to stars like Jessica Alba and Sarah Silverman, say there are some rules of thumb that you should keep in mind.

"The most flattering silhouette with skirts isn’t about being extremely short or being extremely long, but about the middle," Current says. "Skirts that hit right below the knee caps (rather than in the middle of the knees) and right below the calf muscles are two places that naturally look better on every woman.”

"Those areas allow you to play more when it comes to tops and shoes because it's all about proportion," Elliott continues. "You can wear just about any shoe, from a flat to a heel to a pump, with a right below-the-knee skirt. With a midi skirt, you can wear a top that's cropped or exposes a little more skin."

For a mini skirt, Current advises to seek out a length that hits right in the middle, where your thigh is starting to thin out into the knee. "We love mini skirts as long as they fit with ease, but they are trickier to pull off,” she admits. "Think about what you want to show, which is usually the thinnest part."