Alexandra DeRosa
Jan 20, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

We've had it easy here on the East Coast. We're well into January, and so far we can only count a few times when the temps dropped below 35 degrees. But, we're sad to say that our luck is just about over: This weekend a snowstorm of potentially epic proportions is set to hit New York City, threatening to blanket Manhattan with over a foot of snow.

How does one prepare for such weather? Yes, you need to pull your snow boots out of the back of your closet, get a trusty pair of gloves on deck, and keep a scarf within arm's reach, but piecing together your outfit can be a bit of a disaster. That's why we turned to our favorite celebrities (J.Lo! Lupita! Olivia P!) for some inspiration. Take a cue from Karlie Kloss (above) and create your outfit in neutral shades like blue, black, and gray. Ahead, more stars show us how to bundle up in style.

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