By Andrea Cheng
Updated Jan 06, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Ring Stacking
Credit: pamelalove/Instagram

When it comes to the art of ring-stacking, there's no one who has mastered it quite as well as Pamela Love, the jewelry designer who's earned a rep for herself for her too-cool, boundary-pushing designs (that have found fans in stars like Lupita Nyong'o and Jennifer Lawrence). Her Instagram feed alone is rife with ring-stacking inspo that boasts a level of complexity that you won't find with just a fistful of threadbare-thin bands. Her philosophy? "I don't really have a strategy," Love confesses. "I'm a jewelry person; I wear lots of jewelry all the time—always lots of jewelry."

The result is an elegant mash-up of layers with a "more is more" attitude. "I think you should have fun with it—pair personal stuff, like family heirlooms, with newer purchases. Make it personal," she says as her advice to rookies. "I mix pieces from my mother, my dad, styles from my collection, my wedding band—all on one finger."

From brilliant opals to art deco diamonds, keep scrolling to see a few Pamela Love-approved Insta examples that are worth the double-tap.