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Our antics with tweezers in the 8th grade continue to haunt us into the present day, but rest assured not all hope is lost. According to makeup artist and general brow expert Kelley Baker, there is a way you can recover from the punctuation-esque shapes of years past. To start, you'll want to get to a brow bar, and make sure you stick with the same technician each time you go—getting waxed during the regrowth phase may seem counterintuitive, but your pro will be able to determine which areas should be left alone and which need to go in order to meet your goals. "I would recommend getting your brows shaped once a month," Baker advises. "Most clients come in every 4 to 6 weeks for some brow love, and hide your tweezers. Make sure you don't touch them at all—even the little ones."

2 to 3 months of grow time is ideal, with shapings as necessary, but products like Revitabrow ($110; nordstrom.com) and castor oil can help the process, particularly in those stubborn gaps that just don't seem to grow on their own. Apply the serum or oil directly to your brows each evening after washing your face, but before applying skincare. You don't want anything that could potentially create a barrier between the formula and your skin.

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During the weird in-between period, where you're really itching to pick up the tweezers and get at a hair growing too close to your eyelid, fight the urge, and instead use a concealer or highlighter like the Camo-Light Pencil ($22; kelleybakerbrows.com) to hide the strays. "It will cover the new growth you don't want people to see, and at the same time, camouflage any holes to make them look fuller," Baker adds.

If your brow technician typically fills in your arches after waxing, ask if you can grab a mirror to study their fill-in technique. This will help you better gauge which areas need extra love to impart a fuller appearance until they grow in completely.