By Lindsay Dolak
Updated Feb 01, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
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The start of every month signals a few things: rent is due, fresh juice cleanses are opened, and new Susan Miller horoscopes are out! Every month the world renowned astrologer releases pages-long predictions about what the next month of your life will look like based on what’s currently going down with the planets and stars above. And every month, as if I had a scheduled appointment on the first, I visit Miller's site, Astrology Zone, to read my monthly fate. I’m a rational person, I promise. Usually I read my horoscope with a pretty loose eye, only taking note of any days that stand out as particularly terrible or amazing and always on the lookout for signs of Mercury retrograde.

But this month I did things differently. Instead of waiting for my horoscope to come true, I vowed, for the month of January, to put some elbow grease into my own fate and work with Miller’s monthly directions to make them a reality. So I studied, highlighted, and made notes on the month’s Sagittarius horoscope and marked my calendar with reminders for the days Miller specifically called out. It was easier to follow the stars than I thought (Miller’s forecasts are pretty straight forward) and in no time, I was manifesting my own destiny. Read on to see how I turned her guidelines into my reality.

"This month you will be determined to organize your finances to find ways to make your money grow. You will get the ball rolling soon after January begins."

I started a complex and detailed budget sheet on January 4th, the day I returned to the office after the holidays. Saving money is easily in my top three goals for 2016, so I was ready to get down to business right away. And so far, so good! I’ve kept track of every purchase, finding places I need to tighten it up (Ubers and take out, what else) and where I tend to actually over budget (groceries) so I can put more into savings each month.

"One of your favorite days of this month for news about money and career success will be January 13, when your victory will bring heavy compensation."

Imagine how happy I was to read this and then learn that the largest Powerball ever was to be drawn on January 13th. Normally, I never would have participated in the lottery but with my horoscope ruling my life, I had no choice. I bought 20 tickets. Surprise! I didn’t win. But that same night I received a free night’s stay at the Refinery Hotel and received some sweet gifts from Under Armour courtesy of Wellthily, so I’m still counting it as V for victory.

"Mercury will retrograde all month."

I always, when applicable, blame Mercury retrograde for any issues or bad days I experience. So when I read that Miller predicted a retrograde from January 5th to the 25th, it was easy to blame my post-holiday blasé attitude and low motivation on the planet’s movement. And like clockwork, on the 26th, I woke up feel renewed and bursting with energy with Mercury’s shadow officially behind me. Mercury: 1, Me: ugh.

"Do not buy any electronic items or any kitchen or laundry room appliances. Do not buy a car."

Another feature of Mercury retrograde is that electronics and transportation can turn wonky. Cars break down, phone chargers go missing, emails don’t send. Fortunately, I have my super high Manhattan rent to thank for my inability to purchase any kind of appliances, let alone a car that might turn to be a total lemon. Done and done.

"I also ask that you not take a new job this month."

If that’s what I have to do to make my horoscope come true, so be it. JK! This was obviously the easiest tip to oblige.

"You may be taking a distant trip this month."

Technically I didn’t travel anywhere passport-required, but I did spend a night out in Brooklyn, which some might consider a foreign land. And I got there via subway (*insert shocked face emoji*), not Uber because, as I mentioned earlier, this month my fiscal responsibility game is on point.

"Spend some money on new clothes, for doing so will boost your morale."

Commands from the ‘scope to go shopping? Fine by me! I did some quick Friday night shopping before a night out on the 22nd and I felt great in my new clothes. Not to brag, but Miller was right about this one: I received tons of compliments from my girlfriends that night. I was feelin’ myself in a way usually reserved for Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Morale boosted.

"Every Sagittarian will feel some good news, so be excited about January 23."

I excitedly marked this Saturday on my calendar to remind myself to be open to all good news possibilities. By the afternoon, I was having a pretty bland day, though, so I went hunting for the good news I was promised. I remembered my best friend who had been traveling in Australia would be coming back home sometime in January or February so I fired off a Facebook message and I was pinged back with not good, but great news: she would be back on Monday, the 25th. Sometimes you have to create your own luck.