By Caroline Vazzana
Updated Nov 24, 2015 @ 11:45 am
Credit: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Try as we might, our jewelry always seems to be a mess. We constantly lose tiny earrings, and forget about our necklaces—they are always tangled in a ball. As if jewelry organization couldn’t be any more difficult, think about packing your gems for holiday travel. One word: nightmare. To break out of our chaotic habits, we reached out to a few of our favorite jewelry designers to help with our never-ending problem.

Wing Yau, WWAKE
“I recommend getting a wallet-sized jewelry roll, which is a travel case specifically for jewelry. If you don't have a jewelry roll, you can turn a makeup bag into your own jewelry travel case. Get a small piece of paper and roll it into a tube small enough to slide your rings over. Then make the tube even bigger, so it's tight against your rings and they'll stay in place! Another trick is squeezing your rings onto makeup sponges. This will keep them safe from tossing around and getting scratched if they're loose in your bag.”

Dana Lorenz, Fallon
“I like to carry my jewels on the plane, and the toughest pieces to keep organized are necklaces. For bibs, I try to pack them flat between folded clothes so the pressed garments keep the jewelry in place. I like to roll longer necklaces in tissue and then line them inside the open walls between stacks of clothing. Make sure you put pieces in pouches or Ziploc bags, so you won’t snag your knits.”

Eddie Borgo
“I've found that the linen pouches that we deliver our jewelry in are great to utilize while traveling—they have little pockets inside to keep earrings separated and necklaces from getting tangled. This was naturally an issue I began thinking about when I started making jewelry, which eventually led me to create a practical and transportable jewelry organizer. Each one has a beveled mirror inside and small drawers that fold out to keep all of your jewelry organized, safe and separated.”

Cynthia Sakai, Vita Fede
“I always have a Vita Fede travel pouch in my bag; it was designed especially for traveling and I always use it for my jewelry when I’m on a flight. I also use a black velvet jewelry roll in a zippered case to pack additional rings and bracelets. My trick for necklaces is using a Ziploc bag. Place the necklace in the bag and keep a small portion of the chain outside at the top. Next, close the bag in the middle so a portion of the chain is on each side. Lastly, roll it up so there is no fear of tangling!”