How to Fight Frizz for Every Hair Type

Straight & Fine 
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We may dream of the warmer days ahead all winter long, but once the temperatures reach their boiling point and humidity first hits our strands. Our sunny dispositions quickly take a turn as we curse our frizzy hair. Instead of fighting fuzz throughout summer, smooth it out with a strategic arsenal of hair products and a few simple alterations to your styling routine. Since no two strands are alike, pinpoint your hair type and texture with our guide to suss out your best defense. Keep reading to find the best game plan to fight summer frizzy hair.

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Curly & Coarse

Curly & Coarse 
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"Constantly touching and fussing with curls as you blow-dry disrupts the surface and results in frizz," says stylist Bridget Brager, who is based in L.A. and N.Y.C. When curls are wet, cup them with a diffuser as you dry, allowing the "teeth" to help circulate air and create a smoother finish.

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser ($24;


Curly hair tends to be drier than other types (natural scalp oils have a harder time traveling down spiraled strands), so incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning mask. The coarser your hair, the denser and more butter-rich the salve should be, says Brager.

Klorane Masque With Mango Butter ($26;

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Curly & Fine

Curly & Fine 
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Skip heavy leave-in conditioners that may weigh down finer hair and apply a hydrating multipurpose primer after washing. This one by R+Co adds moisture (with smoothing fruit oils) and definition to keep curls in shape.

R+Co Twister Curl Primer ($25;


If your strands are so fine they can almost dry during an episode of Botched, invest in a microfiber towel. Instead of blow-drying, blot curls with the soft, absorbent cloth, which produces less friction and frizz than traditional versions, and air-dry as usual.

DevaCurl Deva Towel ($20;

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Straight & Coarse

Straight & Coarse 
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The Cezanne Perfect Finish (from $350 at select salons; for locations) delivers strengthening keratin and the silk by-product sericin to pouf-prone waves. They fill and smooth strands without making them poker-straight or flat. The formaldehyde-free process (which works best on waves as opposed to tight curls) manages frizz for several months.


Wash, condition, and apply a moisturizing styling cream before drying. Then brush with this tool: Gentle enough to get through blankets of thick hair without causing fraying or breakage, it helps distribute natural, shine-enhancing oils from your scalp down through strands.

Mason Pearson Extra-Large Brush ($325;

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Straight & Fine

Straight & Fine 
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Rather than burden dry waves with a heavy serum, do your troubleshooting while your hair is damp. Mist it with a silicone-free, humidity-blocking spray such as Living Proof Weightless Styling Spray before drying to smooth the cuticle without causing product buildup.

Living Proof Weightless Styling Spray ($37;


If you have hair that frizzes only at the ends, a monthly snip is your safety net. In a pinch you can coat tips with a split-end sealant. Such formulas can superficially seal ends with "sticky" polymers.

Redken Extreme Length Sealer ($24;

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