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Despite giving it your all, sometimes you can’t convince your hair to get into formation. That is, frizz is here to stay no matter the number of products or heat tools. But rather than getting frustrated with your unruly hair texture, there's another movement afoot.

More and more women are changing their mindset and becoming more in-tune with individualized hair styling. “I feel due to the overwhelming flood to the market of blowout bars, girls are starting to notice how much damage has been done to their hair," says Matt Fugate, Kérastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist. "It’s time for a break from the blowout look, and from the pulling and stretching that has been done to their texture. Also, the blowout used to be special but now you go order a blowout off a menu and feel like it’s an assembly line. The special thing now is individualized hair."

But out of the confines of your usual blowout zone, how exactly do you embrace your hair’s natural texture and style? Read on to find out how a few simple changes to your routine will help you embrace your natural hair.

Ask For the Right Cut

Communicate with your stylist so that they’re aware of your hair’s texture and habits when it comes to styling. “Your hair needs to be cut less wet and more when the hair is dry. A good stylist knows when to sculpt a haircut and watch the curl formation react. It should be a visual cut done by lots of communication and playing with the hair,” explains Fugate.

Don’t Force a Style

The plan may be to style your hair straight, but your strands might have another idea. Fugate says trying to force a style on frizzy hair is one of the biggest mistakes women make when dealing with the hair texture. “I often see people blowing their hair out and wrapping it in heat," he says. "Then, they load on heavy, oily products to coat the hair and make it look healthy, when really they should be taking a different approach entirely by starting in the shower and treating their hair from inside out."

Start in the Shower

If your hair is regularly on the frizzy side, don’t wait until your hair is washed and dried to tackle the frizz. “You need to have products that are meant for your specific hair health needs and hair texture," Fugate says of the ideal shower lineup. "It is a very prescriptive process. If you have hair that needs moisture and strength you address that, then you look at the hair type." And remember to continue to evolve your product line-up as your hair needs may change, Fugate suggests.

Use the Right Tools

Once you’re out of the shower, use a wood wide-tooth comb like The Body Shop’s Detangling Comb ($7; to smooth out any tangles as needed. Fugate also recommends foregoing styling with heat tools, and trying strands air-dry. Then twist and scrunch hair until you achieve the desired result. Another pro tip? “Layering products in is a big tip of mine," Fugate says. "Don’t overwhelm the style by loading in a cocktail of products right away. Be patient and use what you need as the hair starts to evolve.”

Keep Your Hands Off Your Head

The more you touch your hair, the more unhappy you’ll be with its appearance as the day moves on. If you need to touch up your texture after a sweaty commute, Fugate suggests using a product like Kérastase Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Oil ($58; This oil is actually a spray with a lightweight finish that makes hair appear fuller and vibrant that will highlight your hair’s natural state.