By Erin Lukas
Updated Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:30 pm
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Melting makeup and sweat-stained clothes aren't only struggles that come with humid summer weather. Perspiring to the point where your hair looks just as damp as when you towel-dried it after a shower is a situation we fight with all too often when commuting during the summer season.

Giving up and letting your hair look like a frizzy, wet mess may seem like the easiest (and only) option, but it is possible to remedy the situation once you get to work. To find out the best course of action for sweaty hair, we turned to Paul Labrecque, founder of Paul Labrecque Salon in N.Y.

"Extremely sweaty hair will revert to its natural texture," Labrecque says. "This means that frizz and flyaways are likely to occur, so if your hair is naturally curly and you wear it blown out straight, the curl will come back and straightness will be nearly impossible to retain."

To avoid this, he says that lifting your hair up above the sweat line can help maintain its sleek texture. "If you are exercising, commuting on a subway/train, or just out walking in the sun and heat, this is something you can easily do," he explains. "It will make it more difficult for the sweat on your brow to penetrate and mess up your style. Putting your hair up while commuting is the best way to keep it looking fresh this time of year! This applies to any and all mid-length and long styles and textures." If you have curly hair, consider the humidity on your side. The pro says that sweat can actually help enhance curly and wavy textures.

Once you get to your destination, make a trip to the bathroom to blot away any sweat you have on your face with a paper towel. "Then, let your hair down when you're sure your scalp, face and neck are dry," Labrecque says. Pulling your hair up for your commute using a bandana or terry cloth hair tie will help absorb the sweat on your scalp without leaving marks or damaging your strands.

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What not to do? Reach for the dry shampoo. Although the product is a savior for refreshing flat, second day hair, it's meant to absorb oils. If you use it when your hair is still damp, it's just going to make a bigger mess.