A Spiced Cocktail That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Estela Cocktail
Photo: Courtesy of Estela

Around this time of year, we're spice crazy, adding it to baked goods, coffee, and even glazed ham. One of our favorite ways to use the aromatic seasoning? In a cocktail that'll warm us up from head to toe, like this Spiced Orange Fizz from N.Y.C.'s Mediterranean-tinged bar-restaurant Estela. "The holidays are synonymous with allspice," says head bartender Sarah Boisjoli. "Sometimes the flavor can overpower cocktails, so I prefer to balance it with citrus and rum, and lighten it up by making it into a fizz." Try the recipe below, and embrace it all winter long.

Spiced Orange Fizz

1½ oz white or amber rum
½ oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram ($12; westsidewines.com)
½ oz Spiced Orange Oleo Saccharum
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz egg white
Club soda

Spiced Orange Oleo Saccharum:
½ qt packed sugar
Chopped peel of 1½ oranges
½ tsp cloves
½ crushed cinnamon stick
½ qt water


1. To make the Spiced Orange Oleo Saccharum: To ½ qt of packed sugar, add the chopped orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon stick. Allow this mixture to infuse for 1 to 2 weeks. At room temperature, add ½ qt of water and allow the sugar to completely dissolve. Last, strain the resulting Oleo Saccharum from the peels and spices.

2. In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except the club soda. Shake briefly without ice. Add ice and shake vigorously. Fill a Collins or other tall cocktail glass ⅓ full with club soda. Slowly strain the shaken cocktail over the club soda, forming a foamy head.

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