By Alexis Bennett
Updated Dec 02, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
Emmy Rossum
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

If you're still trying to map out your beauty plans for the holiday season, look no further. Emmy Rossum's hair and makeup from the 25th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards packed just the right amount of glamour while still maintaining a sophisticated elegance. We turned directly to her fantastic beauty squad to find out the exact products and steps used for her sultry eye and elegant braid.

For her makeup, Rossum teamed up with Quinn Murphy who shared all of the glamorous details with InStyle. "Emmy was wearing a black-and-brown mini dress to the Gotham Awards. I wanted to do something sexy and to bring out her beautiful eyes."

Murphy suggests tracing the upper lid first. "I lined the top lash line with my favorite Votre Vu Pencil Le Joli Crayon Soft Eye Liner in Charbon ($23; It stays put basically forever, so it’s great for long wear at events." Next the makeup pro, "increased the thickness on the outer ends of the eyes and gave them a mini cat-like shape." The sultry look can easily be recreated with the same exact tones that Murphy swiped over Rossum's lids. "I used black, chocolate brown, and camel hues to give the smoky eye effect." Nars Matte Eyeshadow ($25; was lightly dusted over her lids to add depth and dimension. "First, a deep chocolate brown, Bengali, and then a warm taupe called Blondie that I blended past her crease." To complete the subtly alluring creation, Murphy reached for Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pencil Primatif Pencil Eye Liner ($26; and revealed why the lighter shade is key: "Brown on the bottom isn’t as heavy and one-dimensional as black."

Emmy Rossum's Hair and Makeup Tutorial
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Then Christopher Naselli worked his magic on Rossum's hair. "Begin by rubbing a quarter size amount R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste ($28; between hands and run through hair from roots to ends. This assures you get great texture for hold and grip."

After adding a deep side part the hair pro suggests dividing the side with the smallest amount of hair into two sections, and then "start braiding with the lowest section." The goal is to create a traditional French braid from the top of the ear to the nape of the neck. "Once you've reached the end of your braiding, tie the finished braid with an elastic band. Make sure to keep the braid snug but not too tight. Repeat on the second section above, however, loosely tug the plait to make it appear thicker and different dimension than below. Once complete, the lower section of the parting should have two braids."

Naselli repeated the same process on the other side. After completing the third braid next to the other ear, the final and fourth section will be the largest section to braid, so Naselli advises adding a small amount of Davines More Inside This Is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste ($28; to ensure that the braids are secure yet pliable.

"You should now have four braids at the nape. Lightly open up each plait to give each one volume and dimension," suggests Naselli. The trick to the amazing design is to, "grab the end of one braid, twist it, and begin to pin the plait flat to the back of your head, creating a snake-like shape. Pin and tuck the ends of the braid with hairpins that match your hair color." One tip: "I like pin vertically instead of horizontally to better hide the pins." Top the braids off with a spritz of Davines More Inside This Is an Invisible No Gas Hairspray ($28; for firm ready-to-party hold.