By Anne Vorrasi
May 05, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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Courtesy David Stark

This Mother’s day (Sunday!), why not jazz up a simple bouquet with a monogrammed vase you made especially for your mom. This easy D.I.Y. project from N.Y.C. event planning mastermind David Stark (whose impressive client roster includes such names as Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch) will surely be cherished by the lucky recipient (bonus: she’ll be reminded of you each time she uses the vessel thereafter). In addition to a few household toolbox staples like a nail and hammer, all you’ll need is a thin sheet of metal (which you can order online or pick up from your local hardware or arts and crafts store) and some sturdy double-stick tape to get your craft on.

First things first, pick your metal. Here Stark pairs copper with sunny tulips, but any “warm-hued flowers (oranges, reds, yellows, scarlets, and all shades of pink) would look wonderful since they all share complementary hues,” says Stark, who recommends looking for peonies, ranunculus, and garden roses at this time of year.

But if silver steel is more your—or mom’s—speed, Stark envisions lilacs, green viburnum, or forget-me-nots in lavender, purple and blue for a perfect composition. Leaning towards brass? The possibilities are endless. Anything from soft pinks to rich reds will work fabulously. Of course, “you can never go wrong with white!” says Stark.

Courtesy David Stark

Copper sheet*
Glass cylinder, approx 3.5-in x 6-in
1 nail or screw with a good point
2-in masking tape
Strong double-sided tape like Scor-Pal tape or Gorilla Mounting Tape
Piece of scrap wood or thick cardboard, or a thick catalog will work too

* NOTE: Handle the copper with care, it is easy to work with, but it can also be easily bent or marred. Look for sheets that are 004-inch thick or 34-36 gauge—it’s thin enough to cut with scissors but won’t tear like foil)


Courtesy David Stark

Measure, mark, and cut the copper sheet to the height of your cylinder. Apply a piece of masking tape to where you’d like Mom’s initial to go. Sketch out the letter with a pencil on the tape, being careful not to press too hard when you are writing. You can make a cursive letter like we did or a simpler block letter.

Courtesy David Stark

With your scrap of wood or cardboard protecting your work surface. Use the hammer and nail to punch small holes along the letter, spacing the holes about ⅛-inch apart.

Courtesy David Stark

Remove the masking tape and carefully flip the copper sheet over. Add 2 strips of double-sided tape along each vertical edge. Snuggly wrap the copper around the cylinder to secure. Add flowers!

Courtesy David Stark