It's pretty simple, once you know how.
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Cat Eye
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Second to a statement lip, nothing commands attention quite like a super-sharp cat eye. Liquid liner, however, can be extremely temperamental and can make or break the look.

If you've got shaky hands, one wrong move can be disastrous, and liquid liners have wolf-like intuition when it comes to sensing that you're nervous. Then other times, you can have one eye perfect, and the other looks...messy, which ultimately means you'll end up having to either start over, or thicken both lines until they match up. 

Anyways, learning to work with the eye shape you have is the key to pulling off a successful cat eye. That's why we've outlined two techniques to help you get to perfection, once and for all.

Wing It First

Funny enough, by applying your cat eye makeup in reverse — meaning, you create the wing before lining the top lid — you can create a more uniform effect. 

To try out this popular hack, use a liquid liner pen, like Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Formula to create a small upward flick from the outer corner of your eye. Sculpting the outer point of the wing first helps to ensure a more even appearance on both sides.

Next, drag the applicator in the opposite direction at a downward angle until it meets with your lash line — this helps to lay down the shape, which should look somewhat like a triangle.

VIDEO: Everything You Need To Know About Applying Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Go back and fill in the empty space and clean up the overall shape, before applying liquid liner along your lash line. Repeat on the other eye, and finish off by using a lash curler and a generous amount of mascara.

See the technique in action below.

Cat Eye How-To GIF
Credit: Sarah Balch

Tape Trick

A stunning cat eye is admittedly hard to get right, but using a little bit of tape can make it a whole load easier. "There are many different ways to do an easy cat eye, but my ultimate favorite is the tape trick," says celebrity makeup artist, Holly Gowers. "All you need is clear tape and your favorite eye makeup products, I personally love using gel liner and a slanted brush." 

"Whenever I'm applying a cat eye, I start with my eyes open and place a small piece of tape at the edge of the outer corner," says the makeup artist. "Then I move the tape around until I've achieved the preferred angle for my eye shape." Gowers repeats this step on her other eye, and makes sure they're symmetrical before drawing the line. "Once the tape is in place, I dip an angled eyeliner brush in my favorite gel eyelinerStila Smudge Pot, then I draw a line, starting at the outer corner and extending it a little. Once the outer flick is drawn, I continue the line to the inner corner of my eye."

Following this, Gowers gently removes the tape and lines under the lower lashes connecting the outer corners of the eye into a sideways 'V' shape, creating a cat eye. "You can continue to use the same makeup product underneath the eyes, but I love to switch to eyeshadow, it's less harsh," she explains.

To finish off, the makeup artist suggests using a cotton swab dipped in Bioderma Micellar Water, to correct any mistakes. "I love a lived-in cat eye, so I always go back and soften the lines with a cotton swab, then I top the center of the eye with gloss for a slightly grungy yet cool look."