Bourbon Hot Chocolate
Credit: Pornchai Mittongtare

There’s something extra enticing about a cocktail that riffs on one of our favorite childhood drinks. The “Bourbon Hot” from Jen Shen, Executive Pastry Chef for the gorgeous 5-star Hotel Bel-Air in L.A., fits the bill. “For many people, enjoying hot chocolate together is a holiday tradition, and we wanted to put a grown up spin on this popular favorite,” says Shen. “The combination of dark chocolate, sea salt, and bourbon provides the perfect balance between sweet and earthy flavors.” Give the recipe a try over Thanksgiving weekend—just be sure to save some “virgin” hot cocoas for the under-21 crowd.

Bourbon Hot

Makes: 1 cocktail


4 oz cream

8 oz milk

5 oz chocolate, 64% or darker

1 tsp dark cocoa powder

1 oz sugar

2 oz Hudson Baby Bourbon ($45,

6 oz heavy cream

1/4 Maldon sea salt


1. Bring cream and milk to a simmer in a small sauce pot.

2. Stir in sugar and cocoa powder and whisk.

3. Pour hot liquid over chocolate.

4. Blend with a hand blender until frothy and light.

5. Stir in bourbon.

6. For garnish: whip cream and salt until medium peaks. Place a generous spoonful on top of the Bourbon Hot, and enjoy!