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How to Properly Hand Wash Bras

These five easy steps will ensure your delicates stay in tip-top shape.
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5 Brilliant Items That Make Packing Easier

Going on vacation is undeniably fun—but packing a suitcase for that travel is decidedly less fun. Fitting everything on the vacation packing checklist in a suitcase is an accomplishment all by itself, though that can sometimes mean reaching a vacation destination with wrinkled, crumpled clothes or a white shirt that was packed next to some shoes and is now sporting some unpleasant dirt marks. If getting everything you need into a suitcase before the big trip is the only thing stopping you from entering into full-on vacation mode, you’re not alone. As many travelers can attest, finding ways to keep your items organized and wrinkle-free without adding extra weight to your suitcase is a daunting task. From keeping your dirty shoes and clean clothes separate to helping you find exactly what you need upon arrival, we’ve curated a travel packing list of clever items that will make packing (and unpacking) a cinch no matter where your travels take you. RELATED: Our 10 Best Packing Hacks of All Time Each type of travel has its own wardrobe, and its own packing requirements. A trip to the beach calls for packing cubes or wet bags to keep damp bathing suits and sandy towels separate from post-beach happy hour clothes. A business trip requires packing tools to help prevent wrinkles and creases and to protect boardroom-ready shoes from scuffs and dings. And a leisure trip to explore a new city could benefit from some sturdy shoe bags, to keep dirt from the streets off clean clothes. VIDEO: Decluttering Guru Marie Kondo's Packing Tips With these clever packing tools, fitting everything you need—and keeping it all clean, neat, and unwrinkled—for a successful travel experience will be a breeze. No matter what happens on the journey, may it be extensive layovers, flight delays, or missed connections, you can rest easy knowing your suitcase’s contents are in good shape. RELATED: The Cleverest Items of 2018 to Simplify Your Life This article originally appeared on Real Simple. For more articles like this, visit
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