How to Dress Like a Taurus, According to an Astrologer

It's time to take Taurus fashion by the horns.

Two wear wear florals, pink and green, and classic Taurus styles

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With Taurus season upon us — this earth sign's season lasts from April 20 through May 20 — the stars have redirected our focus to one specific fashion trend: Taurus style. Dressing in ways that align with your zodiac sign can be incredibly grounding, refreshing, and illuminating. But if you're unsure about Taurus style traits, InStyle tapped expert astrologist and best-selling author Lisa Stardust to give us the rundown on how to dress like a Taurus.

According to Stardust, Tauruses dedicate themselves to a particular aesthetic, regardless of whether or not it's "on trend." They love to wear what feels good to them — be it a certain silhouette, print, or designer. This makes a ton of sense for a sign that's known to be grounded, sensual, and rather stubborn, but there's nothing wrong with being set in your fashion ways, especially if you happen to be a Taurus.

A woman wears sheer colorful clothing and holds a green bag, a classic Taurus color.

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Taurus is "the eat, drink, and be merry sign," Stardust tells InStyle. Ruled by Venus, they're attuned to fashion, but also favor functionality. Rather than stepping out in head-to-toe designer duds, Stardust explains that Taureans are more like to "wear a really fancy dress and dress it down with their accessories." Still, this sign doesn't shy away from fashion as you'll see from the 10 tips on dressing like a Taurus below.

Go with Gingham

A woman wears a gingham dress and carries a pink bag

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"A cute gingham dress is a very Taurian outfit," says Stardust, adding that "they like to dress up even when they're supposed to dress down. As a fixed earth sign, they really like to adhere to a little bit more conservative [styling]." To give your Taurian spirit the elevated, but comfortable gingham it craves, try a smocked summer dress with a midi or maxi hemline.
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Wear Signature Taurus Shades

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"The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, and the signature color of Venus is pink and green," says Stardust, who points out that you probably know a Taurus or two who subconsciously works these springtime shades into their wardrobe. If you have a major Taurus placement and can't decide how to work in these signature colors, Stardust suggests letting your intuition guide you. "A lot of Tauruses don't really go with the trends," she says. "They go with what they feel good in." In other words: Close your eyes, take a deep, grounding breath, and trust your gut all the way to chic accessory.
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Embrace Elevated Ruffles

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Ruled by Venus, Tauruses love a little romance in their fashion. "They like a little ruffle, but they don't like too, too much," Stardust explains. Instead, they vibe with classic looks that have a bit of sensual flair. When it comes to working ruffles like a Taurean, opt for elevated silhouettes, sweeping skirts, and dreamy details.
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Crown Yourself with Flowers

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When it comes to accessorizing, Stardust characterizes Tauruses as being both decadent and in touch with nature. Nameplate jewelry, hoop earrings, and layered gold necklaces will satisfy the Taurean craving for decadence, while floral headbands and even flower crowns will delight the hearts of almost every Taurus.
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Play Up Hard and Soft

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A sleek little slip dress is a Taurean fashion staple, but the footwear here is also key. "Tauruses really want to wear sexy footwear, but then always wind up wearing just a pair of boots," says Stardust. To soothe a Taurus's more practical and functional sensibilities, we recommend pairing your slinkiest slip dress with a pair of ultra-comfy combat boots.
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Embrace Black Lace

A woman wears a black lace dress

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Lace dresses, especially black lace dresses are very Taurian. When it comes to the exact styling, confidence is key. "Venus is a planet that's all about confidence and feeling good, so if you don't feel good in what you're wearing, then don't wear it," advises Stardust, so when it comes to lace dresses, show as much or as little skin as makes you feel like your very best self.
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Go with the Flow

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"Tauruses really like flowy dresses because they're an earth sign," explains Stardust. A flowing maxi dress is an easy breezy canvas on which to explore other Taurean favorite fashion elements, like vibrant prints, bold patterns, florals, or the signature Taurus shades of pink and green. One thing you won't find on a Taurus's maxi dress? "They wear prints, but a lot of Tauruses hate tie-dye," Stardust shares. Noted!
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Try Floral Appliques

Heart Evangelista wears a dress with floral appliques
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Another go-to fashion staple for Taureans? Florals and a lot of them. Stardust is quick to point out that florals don't have to mean flirty sundresses and crop tops. Rather, she suggests appliqué florals for this sensual sign. The vibe isn't girlish, but, in Stardust's words, "Bohemian sexpot."
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Slip into Sultry Silhouettes

SZA wears Vivienne Westwood at the 2022 Met Gala

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"I always thought Vivienne Westwood was very Taurus," Stardust shares while musing about Taurean-minded designers. "She had this dress called the Sunday Dress. SZA wore something like it to the Met Gala in pink." The curve-hugging gown in question is sensual and decadent, but not over-the-top, which perfectly describes Taurean styling. While it's difficult to get your hands on Vivienne Westwood's iconic Sunday Dress, you can still find plenty of midi dresses that hug your curves and soothe your Taurean spirit.
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Layer Sheer Separates

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"It's very Taurian to wear a sheer top or a sheer dress with a slip over it or underneath it," says Stardust, noting that Taureses are known for taking silhouettes hat could read matronly and adding a layer of sultry sophistication.
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