How to Clean UGG Boots

They continue to be the "It" shoe of the season, so here's how to keep your UGGs feeling and looking fresh.

How to Clean Ugg Boots

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holidays — we’re talking about UGG shoe season, when cozy-footwear lovers break out their boots and slides from the beloved brand. If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of UGGs, you know how amazing they feel on your feet. But do you know how to clean your UGG boots so that they stay looking brand new?

How to Clean Ugg Boots

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While best known for its signature boots and slippers that include a heavenly sheepskin material, UGG boots remain the “It” shoe of the fall and winter seasons. The brand, which initially launched back in 1978, rose to popularity in the early aughts, becoming a cozy go-to for everyone from middle school girls to celebrities like Oprah. Yet, while comfortable and warm, many UGG boots are ironically made from materials that tarnish in poor weather conditions like rain and snow.

In other words: UGG boots require a lot of care. You'll need to how to clean UGGs in order to preserve the shoe and prolong its wearability.

How to clean UGG boots when they get stained or wet

A representative from the brand tells InStyle a DIY method is preferred, which is why UGG curated its own cleaning system that comes with a protectant spray, the brand’s Cleaner & Conditioner, Shoe Renew freshener, a bamboo handle brush, and a suede scuff eraser.

How to Clean Ugg Boots

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Step 1: Apply Protector Spray to UGG Boots

“We advise customers to use the Protector Spray by spraying the entire shoe until wet, not soaked and letting it dry naturally for 24 hours away from heat or sunlight,” UGG tells Instyle. “Afterward, the suede brush, also included in the kit, helps to restore the original appearance of the sheepskin.”

Step 2: Erase Stains From UGG Boots

Got dirt? When cleaning UGG suede or the sheepskin upper shoe, the brand recommends first using the eraser to remove any dirt or visible scuffs. 

Afterward, UGG instructs customers to moisten the surface of their boot “using a clean, damp sponge and applying a small amount of the UGG Cleaner & Conditioner to the sponge.” To remove the stain, gently scrub the sponge and solution in a circular motion around the dirty areas. Any remaining residue can be removed with a clean, damp sponge, and the damp shoe should be left out of light/the sun for a full 24 hours.

Step 3: Refresh Your UGG Boots

Once your shoe looks fresh and clean, you want it to also smell fresh and clean. To keep your shoe odor-free, the kit also includes a Shoe Renew freshener that can be spritzed on as the final step.

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