These Are the Secrets to Applying Matte Lipstick Like a Pro

How to Apply Matte Lipstick

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Matte lipsticks are definitely a statement piece for a beat face. They’re a shine free, velutinous addition to your pucker that can ramp up your lip game tenfold — if applied correctly. While we might love our matte lipsticks, we acknowledge that sometimes they can look cakey with time and enhance the look of dry lips, which makes them look cracked and messy.

That’s why we went to the founders of two top Black-owned beauty brands, who gave us their best tips on how to achieve that clean, smooth look that won’t dry out or fade away throughout the day (or night!). Their secrets, below.

Step one: Pick a high-quality formula

Not all matte’s are the same! “Look for the finish to be smooth and a velvety, richly pigmented color,” says Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Ashunta Sheriff Beauty. She says that’s the sign your color will stay on and not demand multiple applications throughout the day. Try her brand’s Vegan Matte Lip Cremes, available in twelve luxurious shades.

Step two: Use a lip scrub

Melissa Butler, founder of The Lip Bar, says it’s important to remove dead skin cells by either exfoliating with a scrub like their Rockstar Sugar Scrub or using a hot towel to wipe your lips. Both will effectively remove dead skin.

Step three: Apply lip balm

“You want to make sure lips are soft and hydrated so you have the most comfortable wear,” says Butler. She recommends to first apply a tiny amount of lip balm in order to give your lips a little moisture for a few minutes, then wipe off all excess oil before application. If you need the lipstick to last all day or are looking for it to be smudge proof, she says to skip the balm and apply a comfortable liquid matte lipstick instead.

Step four: Use lip liner

No, don’t skip lip liner!  A liner can help keep your matte in its place, preventing it from bleeding past the lip line. “Pick one of your choice, whether it’s matching the exact color or applying a richer tone to create an ombré effect,” says Sheriff-Kendricks. Both work amazingly well and also allows one lip color to create two different matte lip looks, she says.

Step five: Apply

 Both experts say that for tube lipstick, begin with the middle of your cupid’s bow (top lip) moving smoothly to the corner of your mouth. Repeat the same step on the other side of the top lip, connecting your cupid bow. Follow the same pattern on your bottom lip. 

If you’re using a liquid matte with an applicator brush, take off any lipstick that may have gathered in excess at the tip as not doing so can cause a messy application. Then, paint the lipstick onto your lips with even strokes, again, starting in the center of your lip which allows for easy distribution.

Whether you are applying tube or liquid matte, remember to stay inside the lines of your liner. Now give yourself an air kiss in the mirror and go have some fun!

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