This $12 Cooling Face Mask From Amazon Soothes My Puffy, Tired Skin Every Morning

It’s nearly 40 percent off at Amazon.

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this Now-$10 Reusable Ice Mask Is My Savior for Puffy, Tired Skin in the Morning

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I hate waking up with a puffy face, and unfortunately, it happens pretty often. Sometimes I know the cause — it’s a hangover, I cried a lot, or I had too much sodium the night before. Other times I don’t have an inkling as to why my eyes barely open. Regardless of the how, the solution is the same — this Cold Face Mask I got from Amazon that’s currently on sale for just $12. 

When this Znöcuetöd mask is not on my face, it’s in the freezer. And on days when the cold is a little too much, I leave it in the fridge for 15 minutes to very slightly defrost. Both sides of the mask are usable; one is full of little beads that feel like a gentle massage and one is a soft fabric. The mask stays on with some velvet straps that allow you to adjust the size to perfectly fit and stay on your face. 

Cold Face Eye Mask


Shop now: $12 (Originally $17);

I prefer to have the beaded side touching my skin. It’s slightly colder and because it presses different areas of the face, it feels like using a facial tool like a gua sha or roller. I wear the Znöcuetöd mask until it no longer feels cold, which usually takes about 15 minutes. When I take it off, not only does my face feel like it was dipped in a bowl of ice water (but less shocking), but everything is significantly less inflamed. I look like my normal self again and not like someone having a severe allergic reaction. Though I do have an ice roller I like to use, this cold face mask is more convenient because it’s hands-free. 

It’s my go-to, but it’s also a five-star purchase for 2,600-plus people. One shopper compared this mask to “getting a cryo facial from a spa.” “It only took a few minutes to see immediate results,” the shopper added. Another said this is great for calming skin after chemical peels. Reviewers say it’s also helped with their migraines. 

Head to Amazon to shop the $12 mask thousands of shoppers, myself included, rely on while it’s still nearly 40 percent off for the site’s Spring Beauty Premiere Event

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