From the Chic Study to the Stylish Bedroom, Go Inside Kenneth Cole's Home

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Study
Photo: Dean Kaufman

Now that their three daughters are grown, fashion designer Kenneth Cole and his wife, Maria Cuomo Cole, have turned their handsome Stanford White-designed home into a weekend retreat that's a loving reflection of their 25 years together. InStyle took a private tour inside and sat down with Cole for an exclusive interview. "A house may reflect who you are on the outside but a home is who you are on the inside," explains Cole, who says they didn't necessarily set out to "decorate" the house. "All of these things tell a story about our past," Cole adds. "But even more importantly, they inspire us to look forward to what lies ahead." Click through the gallery to see the photos!

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Kenneth Cole and Maria Cuomo Cole

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - Kenneth Cole and Maria Cuomo
Dean Kaufman

Cole and Cuomo Cole perch on a deep windowbay in the sitting room.A documentary filmmaker,Cuomo Colemost recently producedthe Oscar-nominated"The Invisible War," aboutviolence against womenin the military.

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The Yard

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - Yard
Dean Kaufman

Inviting porchessurround the graciouswhite-shingled home,offering stunningviews of thelush gardens.

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The Sitting Room

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Sitting Room
Dean Kaufman

In one of the home's two main-floor sitting rooms, a blendof antiques and contemporary upholstered pieces createsa refined yet eclectic feel. The black rocking chair wasfound in the basement of an antiques shop in London.

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The Art

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Art
Dean Kaufman

Cole surprised his wife with a pairof Warhols of her father, formerNew York governor Mario Cuomo,that they?d once spied togetherin an N.Y.C. gallery window.

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The Living Room

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Living Room
Dean Kaufman

Marc Chagall's "The Wedding" hangs above a gray Restoration Hardware couch in the sitting room, shown above.

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The Bedroom

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Bedroom
Dean Kaufman

Interior designer Natasha Bergreen appliedpale stripes on the walls of an upstairs bedroomfor a textured yet soft effect.

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The Foyer

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Foyer
Dean Kaufman

In the foyer a papier-mache statuette of a woman (found in an antiques shop in Martha's Vineyard, Mass.) shares space with family photos. A canvas on an easel in the background is a Gustav Klimt–inspired painting by daughter Emily.

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The Kitchen

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Kitchen
Dean Kaufman

The expansive kitchen features a hammered copper island and a custom-made La Glacière refrigerator from France with a signed brass plate by the artisan who made it.

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The Study

Kenneth Cole's Stylish Home - The Study
Dean Kaufman

A Warhol "Beatle Boots" silk screen,leaning on the mantel, is oneof the many shoe-themedcollectibles in Cole?s elegantlyrustic study.

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