Sugar Heaven: 17 Beautiful Spring Treats to Fill Up Your Easter Basket

Awesome Blossoms Gummy Candy
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Cookies and cupcakes and chocolate bunnies—oh my!

Spring is always heralded by hopping robins and blooming purple crocuses, but the season is truly here when the Easter candy starts appearing on shelves. A new season means a new batch of deliciousness to indulge in.

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We're welcoming spring (and filling up our Easter baskets) with confections that are equal parts beautiful and delicious. For example, check out the hand-piped hazelnut chocolate bunnies (with almond ears) snuggling up to pretty pastel marzipan eggs from L.A. Burdick (pictured above). Sweet E's Bakeshop gets ultra-adorable with bunny-shaped whoopie pies that are (almost) too cute to eat, and Vosges Chocolates captures the blossoming spirit of springtime with its box of super-luxe truffles made with different edible petals.

If your cheat days always include a bite or two of cake, we found some of the tastiest flavors of the season including lemon cheesecake cupcakes and wickedly worth it strawberry whoopie pies.

Ready to indulge your sweet tooth? Check out our round-up of gorgeous spring treats now.

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Bunny Box

Burdick Chocolate Bunny Box
Courtesy Photo

$26 per box,

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Robin's Egg Caramels

Robin's Egg Caramels from Sugarfina

$7 for 3.5 oz.,

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Pansy Lollipops

Pansy Lollipops

$12 for 6,

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Farmer Rabbit Cookie Set

Farmer Rabbit Cookie Set - Eleni's

$45 for 15 cookies,

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Splatter Eggs

Splatter Eggs from Maggie Louise Confections

$52 for 16 eggs,

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Busy Bee Cake Pops

Bee Cake Pops from Sweet Whimsy Shop
Courtesy Photo

$42 for 12,

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Cupcarons: Mini Cupcakes Topped With Macarons

Cupcarons: Mini Cupcakes Topped With Macarons - Baked by Melissa

$20 for 25,

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Easter Bunny Whoopie Pies

Easter Bunny Whoopie Pies from Sweet E's Bake Shop
Courtesy Photo

$24 for 6,

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Snakeskin Milk Chocolate Egg

Snakeskin Milk Chocolate Egg from Payard


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Swirled Blue Raspberry Lollipops

Swirled Blue Raspberry Lollipops

$12 for 48,

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Chocolate-Covered Oreos

Chocolate-Covered Oreos from Dylan's Candy Bar

$10 for 3,

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Beaded Egg with Wrapped Chocolates

Beaded Egg with Wrapped Chocolates from Godiva

$30 for egg ornament and 12 chocolate pieces,

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Spring Cake Pops

Spring Cake Pops from Raleigh Cake Pops
Courtesy Photo

$29 for 12,

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Easter Hop Box

Easter Hop Box by Sprinkles
Courtesy Photo

$42 for 12,

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Easter Macaron Box

Dana's Bakery Easter Macarons
Courtesy Photo

$30 for 12,

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Les Fleurs du Chocolat Truffles

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Les Fleurs du Chocoalte Truffles
Courtesy Vosges Haut-Chocolat

$40 for 12,

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Awesome Blossoms Gummy Candy

Awesome Blossoms Gummy Candy

$20 for 5 lbs (about 100 pieces),

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