I Found Love in a Hopeless Place: My Seamless App

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Hopeless Love - Seamless - Lead
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I have a long and complicated history with my Seamless App. We were the best of friends when I first moved to New York City after college. Three to four times a week I happily logged onto the app, found my sushi spot, Chinese place, Indian restaurant, Jewish deli, and ordered too much food for too high of a cost. The epitome of luxury for me was sprawling out on my couch, watching TV, and waiting to receive my fully-cooked meal. Sure, I cooked occasionally–pasta, a stir-fry, even the I'm-so-adult baked salmon–but being able to press a few buttons on my iPhone and have my ready-made food on my coffee table in a matter of half an hour? Priceless–or, $28 plus tip.

If you live in New York, you know that cooking at home requires a real level of dedication. When I first moved to the city, the closest grocery story was a 20-minute uphill walk from my apartment. After schlepping out to buy ingredients, I'd come home to cook in my pint-sized galley-style kitchen. I realized early on that making a meal for one is a lot harder than it sounds.

But, as is the case with all great love stories, after a few months of going hot and heavy, Seamless and I weren't really working anymore. Ordering the least amount of food possible to hit the minimum delivery fee took more time than I spent actually eating my meal. Plus, as you've likely guessed, my bank account couldn’t keep up with my addiction. I realized, with a heavy heart, that Seamless and I needed to part ways for just a while to give my credit card a break. (The timing, it turned out, couldn't have been better, since, for reasons I’m still unsure of, I was kicked off of the app for over half a year.)

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Since I first moved to the city a year and a half ago, I’ve expanded my culinary abilities and cook much more frequently—thanks in large part to the fact that I now have an apartment with a roomier kitchen, and live a quick five-minute walk from my local grocery store.

So, although I miss my meals being hand-delivered to me almost every other day, my less-frequent use of the app has only made us closer. Now, Seamless is the occasional treat I look forward to, instead of an unhealthy co-dependent partner. We are in love now more than ever, even if it took a bit of distance for us to get there.

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