"I Found Love in a Hopeless Place" is a celebration of love in all its forms, with one new essay appearing each day until Valentine’s Day.
Hopeless Love - Lipsticks - Lead
Credit: By Sage

Love is a strange thing. One day, you're content as a single woman, and the next, your heart has been stolen. This happened to me–the mystical magic of love truly exists. I remember where it all began: Sephora in Time Square.

As I browsed the aisles, something stopped me in my tracks. There it was, a Kat Von D liquid lipstick that would become my new best friend. It was a gorgeous black cherry hue and named “Damned.” From there on out, we became inseparable. I carried it everywhere I went and was thrilled with the compliments that I’d receive from both stranger and friends.

As the years passed, my lipstick collection (and admiration) grew. I had developed feelings for other brands and formulas. The idea of leaving my first love was tough, but I had to explore. I think “Damned” understood that I had to try new things and that I would always return.

My taste evolved for all things lipsticks (mattes, and shine, and liquids, oh my!). It was the best obsession of my life. We never argue; it always knows my mood and how to make me feel better. But I had amassed such a collection that I had a new problem: How on earth was I going to store all of them?

I decided to introduce a basket to my vanity to hold my treasures. In no time, it blossomed into a beautiful library of nudes, reds, berries, metallics, even cool tones like blue and green. Honestly, it’s the star attraction of my bedroom. Artwork and clothes lose their luster next to my colorful collection.

I’m not the only way who feels this way. At times, my lipstick basket attracts more attention than I do. Without fail, it elicits oohs and ahhs from my friends, as well many compliments. I can’t be jealous, though; I’ve decided to let it be the star of our relationship. I’m perfectly fine with it being my better half.