Whether you're celebrating at home or headed to a socially-distant gathering, here are a few fun ideas for what to wear.
thanksgiving outfits
Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

In light of the global pandemic, Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year. To keep yourself and loved ones safe and healthy, larger and livelier celebrations will either have to downsize per the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, or be postponed until (hopefully) next year. But although current circumstances are kind of disappointing, there are things you can do to make sure you still enjoy the holiday, like whipping up your mom’s pumpkin pie recipe and throwing together cute Thanksgiving outfits, even if you’ll just be stuffing your face in front of the television.

Listen, I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good, but on a holiday like Thanksgiving, where you’re eating delicious homemade indulgences like stuffing and sweet potato soufflé, comfort is key. For you, that might mean dolling it up in a dress and heels or kicking back in your coziest sweats. Personally, I love a super stretchy waistline and oversized sweater.

If you’re unsure what to wear for...whatever you have planned for 2020, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest holiday Thanksgiving outfits I could find on Instagram for inspiration.

Comfy Statement Pants

Thanksgiving outfits are all about keeping your waistline happy. You'll want to choose bottoms that aren’t constricting, this way you can eat as much as you please. A buttonless pair, like these comfy corduroys (Shop Similar: ), are a great option because they’re festive but practical for the food-focused holiday.

A Sweater Dress

Forgo bottoms altogether with a cozy sweater dress. If you’re celebrating at home, the done-in-one staple looks festive as-is. If you’re heading out to a socially distant soiree, you can easily dress this piece up with a chunky belt and booties but, pro tip: you might want to ditch the belt for dessert.

Stretchy Leggings

Seeing as how “gobble ‘til you wobble” became the Thanksgiving tagline, I think it’s safe to say leggings fit the dress code. Couple your favorite black pair with an oversized sweater or a basic T-shirt and knit cardigan, then finish things off with white sneakers, such as Converse.


Hear me out: I realize jeans aren’t always forgiving or stretchy, so my suggestion is to break in your favorite pair pre-Thanksgiving. Wiggle around in them; do squats in them. This way, come turkey day, your waistline won’t be as tight. Plus, denim pairings run the gamut: you can style them with knit sweaters, a sharp blazer and booties, or an oversized hoodie.

A Jumpsuit or Overalls

If you’re celebrating in a cool climate, layer a jumpsuit or overalls over a heavier top, such as a long-sleeved ribbed top or turtleneck. It'll help you stay warm through your travels, and since these pieces are generally roomy in the leg and around the middle, it's basically like wearing a fashion-forward onesie.

Festive Pajamas

Why bother dressing up if you don’t have to? For anyone celebrating Thanksgiving with a quiet feast at home this year, ditch formal wear for a pair of festive pajamas and fuzzy slippers or UGG boots. The indulgent carbo load is sleep-inducing anyway, so you can eat, nap, repeat and never change your clothes. And even if you’re venturing outside your bubble for a celebratory gathering, good news! Wearing pajamas in public is socially acceptable.

A Button-Front Dress

Unlike sweater dresses that run a little bulky and tend to cling to the skin, button-front dresses come in looser materials and often have a bit more swing to them. On top of looking cute, you'll be able to move around and get comfy in your outfit without feeling constricted.

Anything Flannel

Flannel (and anything plaid, really) is a classic fall trend that’s always festive and in style. And luckily, there are countless flannel outfits you could pull together for the holiday that are just as cozy as they are cute, from flannel dresses, to button downs, to skirts.

Matching Sets

Coordinated sweater sets are having a moment right now, and for good reason. They’re soft and comfortable, but give off the illusion that you put real time and effort into your outfit — when in actuality it was pre-made. If you can find a shirt and matching pants that allows you rock the monochromatic look from head to toe, even better. The most you’ll have to think about is what accessories to wear with it.

A Skirt

Feeling festive? You can’t go wrong with a skirt and sweater combo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics, colors schemes, and hem lengths. If you love a chunkier top, partially or completely tuck them in (or tuck the bottom up into your bra, for a less bulky, blogger-approved hack). If it’s warm where you live, show some leg, but if it’s not, a pair of tights are your best friend.


If wearing pajamas to the dinner table doesn’t sit right with you or your hostess (aka Mom), sweatpants are your next best option. Style a neutral bottom with with a matching top, add heels (if you're up for it), and throw on a blazer or leather coat when you’re walking out the door to tie it altogether.