By Caroline Shannon-Karasik
Updated Feb 11, 2019 @ 3:15 pm
Singles Awareness Day
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If the arrival of February and its pink-and-red everything makes you feel a little cringe-y, good news: you’re not alone. Though more than half of America celebrates Valentine’s Day in some shape or form (according to the National Retail Foundation, more than $18.2 billion was spent on V-Day gifts and cards in 2017), the day after the Hallmark holiday is becoming its own day of celebration.

February 15 is now known as National Singles Awareness Day, aka SAD. Coming in hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day 2019 is the perfect occasion to celebrate being a party of one.

What Is Singles Awareness Day?

There are two ways to look at Singles Awareness Day. Some people see it as an anti-Valentine’s Day occasion, while others simply view it as a day for indulging in activities that celebrate their singlehood. After all, who says you need a partner to celebrate you? You’ve got this, boo.

“It is so important to remember that you are defined by who YOU are, and not who you are dating (or not dating!),” the official Singles Awareness Day website noted. “And most importantly, if you are single this year due to a recent loss of a loved one or partner its OK to admit to your family and friends that it's a rough day for you — ask for their support and they will be there for you.”

The holiday originated after most singles initially referred to February 14 as Singles Awareness Day (also known as SAD). But that wasn’t good enough for singles who decided they deserved a day of their own, according to the holiday’s website.

“Choosing the next day allowed single people a chance to turn this into a celebration rather than a festival of self-pity or whatever they were doing before,” said the Singles Awareness Day website. “It seems like a refreshing change of pace to know that you can survive Valentine's Day and move on to YOUR day, doesn't it?”

How Do I Celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

Perks of being single — you get to commemorate this day however you damn well please. But there are two approaches that most Singles Awareness Day celebrators seem to take. On one hand, some people choose to indulge in their single status by sending themselves flowers, scheduling a massage or spa treatment or scoring some QT with a beloved pet.

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But other unattached people see the day as an opportunity to meet up with other single friends, and head to dinner or a movie. The Singles Awareness Day website also suggests organizing a mixer for singles, whether it’s because you would like a little company or are hoping to find a special someone in the crowd.

Then again, you can always choose to spread love in another, unromantic way. Volunteering for a local organization — like a nursing home or hospital — is a can’t-go-wrong way to celebrate the day.