Scarlett Johansson and Maggie
Credit: Elaine Constantine / trunkarchiv

Aug. 26 is always a big deal here at InStyle. Why, you ask? Well, it just so happens to be one of our favorite holidays: National Dog Day. But while we certainly can’t resist cuddling with cute pups today (and we plan to do just that), it's definitely not the only time we fawn over fluff balls. Whether we’re staging in-office photo shoots with some of the coolest canines out there like @Toby_LittleDude or getting Hamptons suggestions from Instagram sensations like @ToastMeetsWorld, we’re always jumping at the chance to feature our favorite pets—especially when they just so happen to have a famous owner.

We've featured plenty of adorable dogs in the pages of InStyle over the years alongside celebrity owners like Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, and Constance Zimmer. Click through the gallery above to see the cutest photos of stars with their loyal canine companions.