We Sent Our Moms These Mother’s Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback

We Sent Our Moms These Mother's Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback

Four InStyle writers — and their moms — share their experience with UrbanStems.
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I haven't seen my mom since September, and thinking about it makes my heart hurt. I know I'm not the only one feeling struck by pandemic-induced separation, a fact I had confirmed by a recent interaction with floral delivery service UrbanStems. When the company offered to send our staff some of its Mother's Day bouquets, we saturated our Slack with the addresses of moms all over the country. Naturally, we planned to give the arrangements to the women who raised us. 

Every season, UrbanStems puts forth a new selection of curated bouquets containing flowers and greenery sourced directly from small farms. Each order comes in a pale pink box containing meticulously wrapped blooms, care tips, and, if chosen at checkout, a customized message from the sender. In short, it's your friendly neighborhood florist on hyperdrive. 

There's still plenty of time to send your mom a bouquet ahead of May 9. To determine which options are available to ship to your area, simply input an address and preferred delivery date at the top of the page. You'll be shown a wide selection of flora to suit just about any style — plus, most arrangements are less than $100.      

Below, check out what four InStyle writers had to say about the UrbanStems arrangements, along with some thoughts from our mothers themselves. Fair warning: Adorable flower selfies lie ahead.  

Tess Garcia, Ecommerce Writer

When my mom's Carnivale arrangement arrived in the mail, I received a full-blown unboxing video from her dining room table. She's not a good liar, so I knew the "oohs" and "ahhs" sprinkled through the narration were genuine. But I'll be honest: When the entire bouquet was finally revealed, I wasn't floored. Yes, the roses and buttercups looked freshly cut, but I never would have chosen the pink, purple, and orange combination. 

My mom, on the other hand, was thrilled. "The flowers were beautiful and carefully packaged," she told me when I asked for her review. She put her English degree to work with a description of what she loved most: "I was sent enough brilliantly colored blooms and fresh greenery for two large arrangements." I can confirm that she sent me photos of not one, but two vases of blossoms. Later on, she'd tell me the flowers stayed fresh for a full two weeks. In the end, I have to hand it to UrbanStems on this one, even if the color scheme wasn't my cup of tea. 

We Sent Our Moms These Mother’s Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback
Credit: Tess Garcia

Shop now: $65; urbanstems.com

Bridget Degnan, Performance Content Writer

"My mom texted me right away about how excited she was about receiving a beautiful flower arrangement — that was the best part of all," Bridget said of the Cosmo bouquet her mother received. "I was extremely impressed by how fresh the flowers and greenery looked, considering they're delivered in a box. I loved how they weren't fully bloomed yet, so she could enjoy them for a long time." 

Though her mom responded to my selfie request with a resounding "heck no," she was happy to share her thoughts on the flowers, which she called "such a wonderful surprise to come home to after work." Plus, bringing the roses and snapdragons into their full glory was a breeze: "The instructions were so easy to follow that I had them displayed on my table in no time." 

We Sent Our Moms These Mother’s Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback
Credit: Bridget Degnan

Shop now: $65; urbanstems.com

Marilyn La Jeunesse, Shopping Newsletter Manager

"I haven't had much luck with online flower deliveries recently," Marilyn told me over text. "These were delivered to my mom's back door and sat outside in California heat for a few hours before she noticed." Even so, the UrbanStems Firecracker bouquet managed to hold up pretty well. "The roses needed a bit of a spin to fully bloom, but overall I was satisfied with this summery bouquet," she added. 

Naturally, her mom's reaction was less cynical — after all, who doesn't love receiving flowers out of the blue? She had nothing but positive things to say about her thistle-accented arrangement. "This bouquet is extremely fragrant in the best way," she said. "My whole kitchen smells like a flower shop and it's such a mood booster in the morning." Like Marilyn, she found it "pretty impressive" that the greenery didn't wilt in the time it spent on her porch.

We Sent Our Moms These Mother’s Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback
Credit: Sara Barber

Shop now: $70; urbanstems.com

Summer Cartwright, Ecommerce Writer

In a Slack message, Summer explained why she loves to send her mom flowers on special occasions. "I know that they'll literally brighten her day — and this bouquet did just that," she said of the bold yellow Hema arrangement. "My mom called me right away to show it off, so I knew she was impressed." 

"The packaging was quite nice," her mom told me. "Very professionally wrapped, flowers were not harmed, and a beautiful scent and visual when the box was opened. The flowers were special — not the everyday bouquet!  Unique colors and textures." Her flowers stayed fresh for a week, and she loved that they came with one of UrbanStems's signature vases, which can be added to any order. "I still have the vase on my shelf and use it for new flowers," she said. 

Clocking in at $75, Summer thinks these blooms are well worth the money, especially considering the family separation many of us have experienced during the pandemic. "I'd recommend these to anybody looking to show their mom some love if they can't see her in person this Mother's Day. It's been a hell of a year, and these add some color and beauty to it." 

We Sent Our Moms These Mother’s Day Bouquets and Got Their Very Honest Feedback
Credit: Summer Cartwright

Shop now: $75; urbanstems.com