By Liana Gergely
Apr 29, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Behind every notable woman, lies a mother who has inspired and encouraged her. Hollywood’s newest generation is rising to stardom and thanking their moms every step of the way. In honor of Mother’s Day, InStyle partnered with David Yurmanthe makers of the most coveted jewelry pieces on our wish list, to chat with actresses Cierra Ramirez, Willow Shields and China McClain on the gifts they’ve been given by the women who know them best.

My mother always taught me that life can be tough and not everyone's going to like you. She always reminded me that only "I can dictate who I am and how I react to what happens to me." When I first started building a social media following, my mother explained to me that not all of the feedback I'd receive would be positive, but that if I'm confident in who I am, no negativity or pressures would weigh me down. I’m grateful for the perspective she instilled in me. Follow Cierra, star of "The Fosters", which returns back to Freeform on June 20th at @CierraRamirez.

The gifts my mother gave to me and my siblings? Creativity, playfulness, and full permission to pursue our childhood passions. She allowed us to play, to explore, and to create elaborate fantasies. We were fairies, astronauts orbiting the earth, and dragons breathing fire. We believed our fairytales were true and so did our mom. She used to say: "Follow your passions. It will take you to the most wonderful places" She has had such an influence on me that I still believe in all these wonders. Follow Willow, star of the Hunger Games, at @WillowShields

My mom has taught me so much and, as crazy as I am, has always been there for me. She always tell me "never to wake up or go to sleep unhappy with life." I wouldn't trade her for the world. Follow China, actress and singer, at @ChinaMcClain 

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