By Yerin Kim
Updated Sep 26, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Alexandra Grablewski/Getty

The only thing more exciting than planning your costume leading up to Halloween is decorating your place with some festive décor, and the pumpkin usually steals the show. To carve a little extra character into an ordinary gourd, have fun with it! Goofy, frightening, adorable—your options are endless and though you can't go wrong with the classic smiling jack-o'-lantern, your neighbors will just be that much more impressed if you spice things up by adding a creative spin.

From Tinkerbell to Game of Thrones houses, we rounded up these inventive pumpkin carving ideas to spark your creativity. Whether you're a Hello Kitty fan, or an ominous skull is more your speed, there's an idea for everyone.

And though some of these wild designs look tricky to create, the process of jazzing up your Halloween decor is sure to be a fun all-day activity with the kids, so take out your carving tools and check out the amazing handiwork below.

VIDEO: Halloween Spiderweb Decoration

Get ready to impress (and maybe even scare) your neighbors with these unique decorations.



Hello Kitty


Tarot Card


Haunted House


I Love You

Game of Thrones Houses

Superhero Symbols


Stranger Things

Charlie Brown

Mario + Luigi