By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Sep 22, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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Credit: Taryn Whiteaker

Be honest. How many of you have had really big plans to showcase your impressive Halloween pumpkins only to realize that, halfway through carving a disaster of a spooky pumpkin, you are not well-equipped to be doing this at all? If you know what I’m talking about, skip the stress and the mess by leaving the knives and power tools in the kitchen drawer (where they belong) and pulling out your paints and brushes instead.

We’re totally inspired by blogger Taryn Whiteaker’s chic DIY (pictured above), and as we’re planning out the stages of our pumpkin painting party, we realize there are so many other pros about painting over carving we didn't initially consider: It’s a lot less messy, it’ll increase our chances tenfold of making our Halloween pumpkin look as intended, and we won’t end up with any rotting gourds on the front porch.

Now if only our neighbors would take the hint…

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Keep scrolling for 10 more pretty painted pumpkins to inspire your Halloween decor this year.

No crazy artistry needed here. Just a few poppy colors, especially metallics, and you can create a pretty vignette with gourds of all shapes and sizes.

We’re totally entranced by this video of a paisley pattern being expertly painted onto a small pumpkin.

If you’re in the mood, go for poppy instead of spooky and channel the spirit of these super colorful masterpieces that make us oh so very happy.

Nothing beats a gourd that can preach! These motivational pumpkins will put a pep in your step. And while we would be totally impressed if you hand painted all the letters yourself, we wouldn’t blame you if you opted for stickers instead.

This unicorn pumpkin is SO cute. While this one is decked out with stickers and paper accoutrements, you can easily recreate this look with a couple tubes of paint and glitter, plus a few fresh flowers for the crown—the finishing touch.

Just a bit of shimmer can go a long way. Paint your pumpkins in whatever colorful shades you choose (the brighter the better) and cover each stem in one metallic hue to give them a cohesive look. Then, dilute the same accent paint with a bit of water and splatter all the pumpkins.

Grab one gourd for each member of the family, and write their name on it. It’s a great way to personalize your Halloween decor, and think of all the photo ops.

Treat your pumpkin like a piece of canvas and paint whatever you want on it, whether it be a bouquet of flowers…

A seascape…

Or whatever comes to mind...

You might not be able to put a candle inside any of these gourds, but that’s just an unnecessary fire hazard anyway. And depending on the type of paint you use, you may want to consider spraying each with a clear coating so that your artwork stays intact and lasts much longer than the rest of your Halloween decorations.