Easy Halloween costumes don't have to be boring.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Sep 06, 2019 @ 12:45 pm
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Every year on November 1, I vow to spend the next 364 days planning a fire Halloween costume that'll make even the queen of costumes, Heidi Klum, jealous. Of course, that never actually happens. Instead, I end up putting together a last-minute look that usually consists of my favorite jeans, a black T-shirt, and either a cheap wig or some wild makeup idea I copied from a mediocre beauty blogger on YouTube.

Like clockwork, I have a feeling that this year my procrastination gene will probably get the best of me. Thankfully, us wait-until-the-last-minute folks live in a world where we can enjoy the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership. With free two-day shipping (and sometimes same-day delivery) on several items, there's no need to overthink something as simple as a Halloween costume. Here, 10 options for the procrastinators in the crowd.

'90s Jennifer Lopez Costume

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Jenny from the block's iconic look is perfect for procrastinators like me. Grab white jeans, a tank top, and a bandana, and you're good to go. Bonus points if you include a little bling bling.

Shop It: Made by Emma Cropped White Tank Top, $13; amazon.com. Hybrid & Co. Skinny Jeans, $34; amazon.com. Bandana with Crystals, $14; amazon.com.

The Mask Costume

Robert Kamau/Getty Images

The power suit has been trending for a few years now, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. Go ahead and get into the monochromatic trend with a yellow suit. Grab a green mask (or face paint, if you're adventurous) and a hat to channel Jim Carrey's hilarious movie character.

Shop It: Yellow Costume Suit, $35; amazon.com. Amscan Full Face Mask, $5; amazon.com. Hudanhuwei Hat, $15; amazon.com.

Robin Stranger Things Costume

Again, this doesn't have to be hard. Buy one of those head-to-toe costumes and call it a night.

Shop It: Robin Scoops Ahoy Costume, $50; amazon.com.

Barbie Costume


Grab a pink swimsuit, bodysuit, leotard ... whatever ... and you're halfway to recreating this Barbie costume (as demonstrated by Hailey Baldwin). Go the extra mile and layer it with an off-the-shoulder top, fishnets, headband, and thick white socks.

Shop It: Retro One-Piece, $19; amazon.com. Mwfus headband, $8; amazon.com.

Fleabag Costume

Fleabag's wearable outfits make this costume easy to recreate with items that are already in your closet. If you don't already have a black jumpsuit, you can grab this one from Amazon. Oh, and don't forget the signature red lipstick.

Shop It: Bebe Keyhole Jumpsuit, $23; amazon.com.

Poop Emoji Costume


You could totally grab a large cardboard and a sharpie for this quick costume worn by Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira. Or just buy this inexpensive poop emoji costume from Amazon.

Shop It: DSplay Emoticon Costume, $25; amazon.com.

Renata Klein Big Little Lies Costume

I came across these Renata Klein (not to be confused with a Calvin Klein) shirts that are just too good not to mention. But what's even better for Halloween night? That flashy red look Renata wore for her never-to-be-published magazine photo shoot.

Shop It: AlvaQ Dress, $31; amazon.com. HaoPiDat Metal Plate Belt, $10; amazon.com.

InStyle Cover Jennifer Lopez Costume

Lopez in a Valentino Haute Couture cape. Bulgari earrings. Van Cleef & Arpels timepiece. Photographed by Anthony Maule.

I know what you're thinking: There's already a Jennifer Lopez costume on this list. But J.Lo is queen. And her InStyle cover was waaaay to good not to include. All you need to recreate the look is a shiny green dress. If you're feeling wild, grab a pair of scissors and hike that slit up.

Shop It: Halter Sequin Dress $80; amazon.com.

Sandy Greece Costume

Mike Coppola

Whip out those black leggings and cut up a black tee to get this easy, classic look. In need of blonde curls? Amazon has a wig that'll be delivered to your house before you know it.

Shop It: Stretchy Black Faux Leather Leggings, $27; amazon.com. Sarin Matthews Off-the-Shoulder Top, $17; amazon.com. California Costumes the Bad Girl Wig, $12; amazon.com.

Hannah B The Bachelorette Costume

I know you already have a fancy dress that's just sitting in the back of your closet. Put that old thing to use and grab a long-stem rose to give it those Bachelorette vibes.

Shop It: Joyfunear Gown, $42; amazon.com. Artificial Silk Rose, $13; amazon.com.

Dionne Clueless Costume

Robert Kamau/Getty Images

We can never get enough of Cher and Dionne's plaid skirts from the movie Clueless. You don't have to go all out like Lupita, above, to nail this one. All you need is a blazer, a skirt, and knee-high socks.

Shop It: Party City Dionne Costume, $40; amazon.com.